Thursday, June 26, 2008

He has Green Jackets in his eyes. Huh?

I’m having a difficult time trying to decide if Michael is completely irrational, or if I’m the one that is irrational. At a glance, it seems like Michael, but sometimes I wonder.

Michael keeps telling me that he has green jackets in his eyes. Clearly, this makes no sense whatsoever. First thing, what are green jackets? Second thing, how did they get into his eyes?

Actually, I can explain. When Michael first learned the concept of “kiss it better” he would ask me to kiss his eyes better when he cried. That makes sense, I know when I cry, my eyes sting a little bit at first. So, we started doing eye kisses. Then one day he got something in his eye. It was something small, and I guess he thought it was a bug. After that, instead of asking us to give him eye kisses, he would tell us that he had a bug in his eye. Andy and I started to pretend to pick a bug out of his eye to make it better.

This weekend we encountered a yellow jacket that wanted to play in the same spot that Mcihael did. I know it seems obvious that I should have just moved Michael, but I have a lot of experience with both yellow jackets and Michael and I was confident that the bug wasn't going to sting and that Michael would have a tantrum if I tried to move him. I decided to take my risks and used the opportunity to teach Michael about yellow jackets. As a result, Michael is now calling bugs yellow jackets.

In addition to bugs, Michael has been having a lot of fun with colors recently. We play with colored sidewalk chalk, we talk about the different colors of his trains, and he is learning about traffic lights…which turn from red to green to yellow. If lights can turn red, green, and yellow, why can’t a bug?

So, that’s how Michael got green jackets in his eyes. In a strange, round about way, it makes perfect sense.

What do I do about the green jackets in his eyes? I pluck them out and pretend to gobble them down, or hide them in his belly button. Isn’t that what any perfectly rational mother would do?


Karen said...

I love reading about what Michael says! I think it's priceless.

Steph said...

This is why you started a blog! We needed you in blogdom....

-Bridget said...

This sounds like when you wake up from a strange dream and you take the steps to figure out how you put all of the craziness together.

I guess there are worse things he could have in his eyes.How do they taste? Are they better with ketchup on them?