Monday, June 23, 2008

Lessons Learned

I’d like to say that I have a very organized, well planned out approach to parenting, but I’ll confess, most of the time I’m just winging it. At times, this leads to some wonderful, insightful parenting revelations, but most of the time…not so much.

Lessons Learned this weekend:

  • Michael has been showing some interest in potty training, so I put his potty in the bathroom and explained how it’s just like the big potty that mommy and daddy use. He seemed interested, so I pulled down his pants, removed his diaper, and asked him if he wanted to go potty. Sure enough, he did! Next time, I’ll remember to actually seat him on the potty before I say it. Hey, at least there was toilet paper handy to clean things up.
  • Between the fact that Michael is a reluctant eater and that we keep him on a consistent schedule, I rarely have to deal with a hungry, cranky toddler. I didn’t think about the fact that he napped through lunch and then only had a few ounces of milk for dinner when we took him to the mall on Friday night. After fighting with a screaming toddler for five minutes and hurting my shoulder, I realized what the problem was. We were no where near the food court, so Michael ended up with a huge, expensive Starbuck’s chocolate chip cookie. I think I’ll include that with my mother of the year application. Does anyone have any tips on good snacks that can survive a small purse?
  • I took Michael to my mom’s pool on Friday. I have never seen him so excited. After an hour, he was so cold that his lips were turning blue, but he still cried when I made him get out of the water. This kid loves the water. I probably should have tried the pool out BEFORE writing my snarky post about my coworker hounding me about swim lessons. The 45 minute drive each way seems like a reasonable price to get Michael much needed swim lessons. I'll be inquiring about them today.


Mama Mia said...

does he like raisins?

LauraC said...

I am all about snack packs in my purse, for both me and the boys. Basically anything in a separate package that can be beaten on.

* Pepperidge Farm makes snack packs of their goldfish grahams. Yummy.

* Have you seen the new Reese's snack packs? Reese cereal, peanut butter chips, and some other snack stuff in there.

* Gerber's graduates fruit snacks. Or if you don't like HFCS, they sell all kinds of fruit juice ones at the grocery.

-Bridget said...

What's wrong with the Starbuck's cookie for dinner? Next you're probably going to tell me it isn't a good idea for Reagan to eat pop tarts for dinner.

Get the swimming lessons.

Deanna said...

I second the swimming lessons. Mom had me in swim lessons while I was still in diapers...can't ever remember not knowing how to swim.

And the potty story! I love it! He went potty! Maybe the aim wasn't where it needed to be, but he went potty! I'm definitely logging that one in memory for when we start potty training.

What about granola bars or protein bars for your purse? I always carried those around when I was pregnant. Or a little ziploc of trail mix?