Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When you have children, I hope...

While I was growing up, my mom used to always say, "When you have children, I hope they talk just as much as you do." I guess I talked the poor woman's ear off. It must have been particularly trying when I was home with her all day while she was trying to complete her undergraduate degree. Sorry mom.

Well, I'm grown up now, and I have a child. He's a little over two years old, and guess what? He's a talker. My mom got just what she asked for. However, she didn't foresee one thing. Guess who does daycare for my chatty little man? Yep. My mom. Be careful what you wish for.


Karla said...

Cute story!!!

PS I just noticed you started blogging....must have given in to the peer pressure!!! lol

Joanna said...

KArla - Bridget promised snarky comments. How could I resist?

-Bridget said...

I'm here, I found you! I caught that little mommy blog tag out of the corner of my eye just as I was clicking out of a thread. I can't wait to go add you to my blogroll now. I'm so glad you finally started a blog.

Oghale said...

Smashing story.
I'm just loving it.
Reminds me of my mum who wished my kids would make more mess of my house than I did hers'. Tell you what, she doesn't find it funny picking up after my extremely active two year old. :-D

By the way, I think blogging is such an excellent idea. Where / how do I start?