Friday, June 27, 2008

Why I Start Friday Mornings with Caffeine

Last night was Andy's golf leauge night. Michael decided that we would have McDonald's for Dinner. I must confess, he doesn't have to demand "French fries and a Milkshake" more than once to convince me that I really don't want to cook. It wasn't hard to convince him to veg in front of the TV to watch Curious Geoge either.

On a normal Thursday night, we normally head out after dinner to play with M, whose daddy is also off playing golf. But, they have just sprayed our lawn with chemicals to kill something or other, and we aren't supposed to let the kids run around on it yet. Being a chemicalphobe, I'm taking that very seriously.

I would have taken him to the play ground, but the little stinker didn't take a nap during the day and the last thing I wanted was for him to fall asleep in the car and screw up bedtime. I enjoy being home alone with Michael, but trust me, bedtime is very important when I don't have anyone to play tag-team with.

So, I was stuck inside with a slap-happy, teething, two year old for several hours by myself. We played blocks, which involves Michael ordering me to build "castels" so that he can kick them over. Next, we turned the loveseat and several blankets into a fort. Michael had a blast scaling me to get on the "roof" of the fort. To add to the fun, Michael would try and take the occasional bite out of my shoulder, to sooth the pain of those last two teeth that are coming in.

By 6:00 I decided I didn't care THAT much about the chemcials, and we headed outside to see if we could find M to play with. We walked outside, spotted M, and M's mom imediately informed me that she quits. I just laughed considering I felt the very same way. She was so frustrated because every time she tried to leave the room, M would climb up on the coffee table. Before I could get control of myself, that evil voice in me blurted out the last thing she wanted to hear...IT GETS WORSE! Oh, if coffee table climbing was the hardest part of my day I would be thrilled.

I was greatful for the peace and quite when Michael's bedtime rolled around. I hoped on the exercise bike, turned on my iPod and picked up a book for some me time. It was wonderful.

Andy came home an hour later, and was wound up from winning his game. He gave me a shot by shot replay of his match that lasted until 20 minutes after we had climbed in bed to go to sleep.

Now you know why I start Friday mornings with caffeine.


LauraC said...

What you need is another kid to play with your toddler. HA HA HA.

-Bridget said...

You lost me at "McDonald's".