Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yes! Yes! Yes!

We have finally had a breakthrough with Michael's communication skills. He's quite the talker and is perfectly capable of verbalizing almost anything. Well, anything except "yes." He picked up "no" early on, and has been using things like no, nope, uh-uh, and a vigorous headshake to disagree with just about everything for the past year. It's almost as charming as when he learned how to say that my cooking is, "Icky, yucky, bleck." But, despite the fact that he is speaking in sentences and bossing me around, he has never said yes, yeah, or even bothered to nod his head. It can get pretty frustrating when all you ever hear from your toddler is a "no" or silence.

I've actually gotten pretty good at interpreting when he means yes. He makes his very subtle little "hmm" sound. This is how a conversation goes.

Me: Would you like to read Bear Snored On?
Michael: No
Me: How about We're Going on a Bear Hunt?
Michael: Nope
Me: Guess How Much I Love you?
Michael: Uh-uh
Me: Sigh. How about Thomas and the School Trip again?
Michael: Hmmm...

After a while, I think he started messing with me. Every few months he would throw out a random "yes" just to show me he knows what it means. But, then he would go back to "hmm"ing again. I'll be honest, I even tried bribing him a few times. "Michael, if you say yes, I'll give you a cookie." "Hmmmm."

I'm not sure if it finally clicked, or if he is done playing mind games with me, but this weekend he finally started saying yes. He's also nodding his head, saying okay, and saying sure. So now I can ask him if he wants to go out and instead of running to the door and grabbing the door handle he says, "sure!" I even got a yes from him when I asked him if he wanted some Veggie Booty, which I wouldn't have even said yes to.

So, am I happy that Michael is saying "yes?"


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