Monday, July 14, 2008

19 down, 1 to go

Michael and I decided to try a different grocery store on Saturday in my quest for frozen plantains. No luck. But, after much silliness, I finally got Michael to open his mouth long enough, wide enough, at at the right angle for me to see his teeth. Tooth number 19 is sitting right under the gum, looking like a mountain range trying to break through a balloon. No wonder he's been gnawing on everything. That's got to hurt.


Deanna said...

Oh wow!! Poor babies when they teeth! Kelton won't let me see his teeth...he clamps his mouth shut and starts spitting through his lips. Odd child. I finally found out that his top teeth are cutting through - when he bit my finger. Lovely lovely. :P

DesiDVM said...

This is so off-topic but...I used to like plantains. Then I spent a summer in Panama at a research station where we ate plaintains with EVERY MEAL, EVERY DAY, FOR THREE MONTHS. Now I can't even read the word "plantain" without getting queasy, LOL.