Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fantasy vs. Reality

I left work an hour and a half early yesterday. On my way home, I dreamed about what my evening would be like.

I’d get home and take a nice long nap. When I got up, Andy would have made dinner and Michael would have been playing quietly by himself. We would sit down to a relaxing dinner and talk about our days while Michael actually ate the same food that we were eating. After dinner, I’d take Michael outside to play. He would sit in one place and draw cute little scribbles on the side walk. The neighborhood children would come by and there would be no pushing, shoving, hitting, or crying. At 7:30, Michael would tell me it was bedtime and we would read and snuggle before he would climb in bed and drift off to sleep leaving Andy and I to enjoy a nice relaxing evening.


Here’s what really happened. On the way home, I had to stop at the grocery store for milk and stamps. I ended up spending 40 bucks on stuff I didn’t really need, but at least I remembered the milk and stamps. I did get to take a nap, but over slept a little and had to rush to get the bacon for dinner cooked before the beast got home. While cooking - and eating - the bacon, I also ended up eating half of the pastries I had picked up while trying to find frozen plantains.

When the beast, I mean Michael, got home, we discovered that he was running a fever. Poor bunny. He didn’t seem to be up for running around, so I gave him his milk and put Letter Factory on for him. Once the milk was gone, I convinced him that the two little pink tablets I had given him were candy, and that I didn’t really care if he ate them or not. Either I did a better job then usual, or he wasn’t up to snuff because he did actually eat the two Tylenol tablets. It perked him right up.

While Michael was vegging on the sofa, I finished up making the quiche and got it in the oven. Phew. I even managed to get some dishes done and tidy up the kitchen a little.

Dinner went surprisingly well. While Michel didn’t eat any quiche…I guess he’s a real man…he did at least eat some toast.

After dinner I rushed out in the pouring rain to pick up another thermometer so we could try and take Michael’s temperature. I was drenched. I did break down and buy the really expensive forehead scanner, which seems to give consistent readings. Michael thought it was much nicer than the other various ways I’ve tried taking his temperature, and had me do it about 15 times. 98.8. Phew.

By 7:30, I was tired, my hair had frizzed, I smelled like bacon, and Michael wanted to play in the sofa instead of going to bed. I was able to entice him by allowing him to take his toy helicopter up with him. He jumped on my back, helicopter and all, and off we went.

Wait, where are shirt, binky, and kitty? Crap. So, around the house we go searching, Andy took the upstairs and I took downstairs…with a 30 pound child and a helicopter on my back. Luckily, Andy found them before the tail rotor had rubbed my neck raw. Phew.

Once Michael was snuggled up in bed, I was off to exercise. I snubbed Wii Fit for the exercise bike and Lego Indiana Jones . The workout went well, but Indiana froze up on me, and I lost my Adventurer Status. What’s a girl to do?


LauraC said...

Every day at my house is fantasty vs reality. ha ha!

-Bridget said...

That's a great fantasy. Sounds more like my reality too.

Hope you enjoy the plaintains. Hope the Wii Fit doesn't chastise you too much!

Heidi Ongbongan said...

I like the fantasy vs reality. I keep trying to merge the two to no avail. Ah well just keep hope in your heart, and booze handy for when reality hits!

Zoey's Mommy said...

Great blog! Sorry things didn't go as well as you would have hoped!