Thursday, July 31, 2008

Normal Weird, or Weird Weird?

Kids are weird. There’s no doubt about it. I think it comes from a lack of inhibitions, and the fact that they are living in a world without much experience. Trying to stick your toe up your nose is a pretty logical thing for a two year old to experiment with. So I think it’s normal for kids to be weird.

But, how do you know when weird is weird weird as opposed to normal weird?

I’ve been wondering this lately because of Michael’s new shrub hiding habit. He started this a week or so ago when he was going through a leaf eating phase. It made sense because he knew I didn’t want him eating leaves, so he would hide from me. However, he seems to have stopped sampling leaves after discovering how gross they taste, but he’s still hanging out in the shrubs.

We have a number of young children in the neighborhood, and they have all been out playing lately. When Michael and I go out to play, he gets excited, runs over to the kids, stays for a few short moments, and then takes off and hides behind someone’s bushes. He doesn’t appear to be playing peek-a-boo. He’s not doing anything he’s not supposed to be doing, he just stands there watching everyone through the leaves. Even weirder, he also does it when the kids aren’t around, so it doesn’t seem like he’s hiding from them.

Last night, he stayed there so long that I had to convince my neighbor's kids to walk into the island of our cul-de-sac and pull off maple seeds with me in hopes that he would get jealous enough to come out. It worked, and he played with the kids for about 15 minutes before hiding behind someone else’s bushes for ten minutes until I could get him out. He did continue to play with the kids after that, so he can and does play with the kids.

But, it does leave me wondering if this is normal two year old behavior, or if it’s a little off.

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LauraC said...

Well you're a weirdo so I can imagine your kid being a weirdo. I'm kidding of course!

There's a little boy in our neighborhood who does the same thing. He's not hiding, he just likes hanging out behind bushes. His dad is perpetually crawling behind bushes at the park and the pool.