Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Power of Wii

Yesterday was a fun one with Michael. Between teething, and what we think might be the stomach bug that our neighbors tried so hard to protect us from, he was just down right miserable a lot of the time. It’s hard because he obviously feels bad, but then he gets so obnoxious about it that it’s hard to not get upset with him. What’s amazing is that there are short periods of time when he seems to bounce back, and is the sweetest, funniest kid in town.

I made a bad decision on the way home. Instead of stopping at my normal grocery store to pick up some sour cream, I decided to risk the big store in hopes that I might find some frozen plantains. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I know better. I’ve only been in there twice, and each time I’ve left saying I’m never going back. They may, or may not have had the plantains. I never got that far. I was in a rush, and I finally realized I don’t have the patience to stand behind the old couple that’s blocking the entire aisle while debating over something that I’m sure was important to them. I don’t have the patience to maneuver around large stacks of product placed in every open spot in the store. And, I surely don’t have the patience to deal with other people’s obnoxious children when my own obnoxious child is waiting at home throwing a tantrum for me.

So, I grabbed the sour cream and hopped in the express line. Lucky me, I got behind that woman. I’m sure you’ve been behind her before. The one that doesn’t understand that “Less then 12 items” means less than 12 items. The one that has a folder full of coupons, but doesn’t understand how most of them work. “Oh, I have to mail it in?” And yes, the one that obviously can’t read the employee’s button that has a cute bear on it and says, “Be nice to me. I’m new!” Please excuse me while I bash my brains in with this can of black bean soup.

When I finally got out of there, I decided that I’m never going back again.

That was enough to make my day, but I also got to come home to a cranky two year old. Of course, Andy wasn’t in the best mood by that point either, having been stuck to deal with said two year old while I was off having fun.

To calm Michael down, I let him outside to play before making dinner. He had stolen a piece of my mom’s embroidery floss, and was having a blast playing with it. He was pretending it was a kite, and kept tossing it in the air to see if the wind would blow it away. He ran all over the cul-a-sac waving a silly piece of string around, and laughing that open laughter that only children laugh. It was sweet, and funny, and unfortunately, it had to end. I was starving. After much crying I got him inside.

We didn’t even try him with dinner. We didn’t even try to get him in his highchair. In fact, we didn’t even ask him to get off the sofa. And, as soon as dinner was over, we took him back outside. We only had a few tantrums, and he was nice and tired by bedtime.

Thankfully, he went down for the night without trouble. Once I had him in the crib I practically ran out of the room, refusing him any chance to protest.

Now that I finally could move without a child clinging to my legs, I decided to hope on the Wii. I did a dedicated yoga workout, and wow, did I feel great at the end. I felt awake and energized. I felt so good that I even prepared the marinade for tonight’s dinner and made my lunch for today. What kind of amazing video game is this that it managed to erase the stress of an entire day at work, the living hell of the super grocery store, and a tantrumming two year old? I’d pay good money for this…oh wait, I did.


Maria said...

I realllllly want one. Silly me, we had the chance around february, but I didn't want to spend the money much to my husband's disagreement. I am kicking myself now. Sounds like you had fun.

Heidi Ongbongan said...

Glad the wii yoga wiped away your stress from the day. I hope Michael is feeling better.