Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Seriously, who are you and what have you done with my son?

Last night, I decided to take a risk.

A while ago, I bought one of those cute little kid’s plates, you know the kind with the dividers to separate the food. Every so often, I would put everything Andy and I were eating on the plate and try to slip it in front of Michael without him catching on. I stopped doing this when just putting meat on the plate would cause Michael to reject the entire meal. I mean really, how many times can you have chicken thrown at you without finally giving up? I think I stopped some where around 50 direct hits.

*Go ahead, roll your eyes. I’m sure you think I’m exaggerating. I wish.*

Last night I decided to test Michael’s recent agreeable mood, and I got the plate out. In one section I placed his favorite noodles. In the next, I added some corn. And, being the wild woman I am, I put four small pieces of breaded chicken in the third section.

Michael was pretty agreeable about getting into the highchair, so once he was settled, I just casually placed the plate in front of him and handed him a fork. Then, I did everything I could to pretend that nothing out of the ordinary was going on. It’s really hard to be nonchalant when you aren’t sure if you are going to be pelted by a plate of noodles, corn and chicken.

As dinner progressed, I watched Michael out of the corner of my eye. He ate some corn, then some noodles. Everything was going according to plan. Then, I see the fork heading for the chicken. I held my breath and watched as he speared a piece of chicken. No, this can’t really be happening. But, it was. He put the chicken in his mouth and chewed. But, we have been to this point before. Chewing does not equate to eating. And then, it happened. He swallowed!

I really wanted to get up and start dancing around the dinning room, but I know better than that. If I had, I’m sure the plate would have been on the floor before I had a chance to wiggle my butt. So, I kept my celebration under control and proceeded to eat my dinner as if nothing miraculous occurred. As I sat there containing my joy, Michael speared another piece of chicken and ate it.

Oh, the joy. My two year old child finally ate his first square meal! Yes, a square meal. No hotdogs, no French fries, just chicken, noodles and corn.

I remained calm thought out the rest of the meal and was rewarded with two more gems. The first was Michael’s reaction when he cleared off the noodles. “There’s a dolphin on my plate!” like it was the most wonderful thing he had ever discovered. The second was his response when I offered him a cookie for desert. “Nope.”

Seriously, who are you and what have you done with my son?


Steph said...

Oh, wow- that's great!!!!

Recently Cooper actually ate part of his lunch at daycare- that's huge for him too. I couldn't believe it when I went to pick him up, and felt like doing the dance of joy when his teacher told me. She was so excited to be able to share that news the day he ate lunch!

LauraC said...

Woo hoo! And even more woo hoo!

Heidi O said...

That's great. I know the food issues you have had. I can just picture in my mind, you trying not to hold your breath and trying to act all nonchalant as he eats his chicken. Way to go!

Kaycee said...

Yay!! I know the feeling! I am thrilled when Cami even attempts to eat meat/chicken etc..

Go Michael!! MAybe that will be the start to something.

LOL ab the highchair..we quit using Cami's about a year ago probably. She always threw stuff out of it,b ut now that she sits at the big table she eats fine..go figure! Lil turd! haha

Karen said...

How nice to be able to serve him and he actually ate all of it!! I think I might have had to go in the other room to do the happy dance!

Mama Mia said...