Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So much for consistency

What do you know? Last night our DSL service was up and working fine. Not surprisingly, we didn’t do anything to “fix” our computers which the tech insured me were the problem. So, I guess the magic computer fairy came in and fixed them while Andy and I were at work yesterday. Or, our crappy phone line finally dried out enough for the signal to get through. I’m sure the next bad rain storm will clear up this mystery.

We spent a good deal of time outside running Michael around. I’m a big fan of taking kids outside. From the day Michael was born, taking him outside has always had a calming effect on him. As he gets older, not only does it calm him, it also wears him out and makes for wonderful bedtimes.

Recently, Michael has been into playing with a soft, little football that we picked up somewhere along the line. He’s developing a pretty good arm and can throw the ball up to five or six feet. This is great for a game of catch, but not good for target practice.

One of our neighbors, who lives just a few town houses away (meaning really close) runs a limo business out of his home. He’s breaking all kinds of association rules by doing it, but the most annoying one is that instead of taking up the two parking spots in front of his house with an Accord or a Maxima, like the rest of us, he has two Suburbans, a Cadillac sedan, a stretch limo, a stretch hummer, and a bus that he routinely parks on the road, in the overflow parking, and behind my parking spaces. Not only is this extremely annoying, it also makes parenting a lot more challenging.

Why, you ask. Because there is something irresistible about big, black, shinny cars. Michael will walk right past every car in the lot just so he can try to put his grimy little hands on one of their freshly washed cars. While part of me thinks it serves them right for bringing business vehicles onto the property, I just can’t let Michael do it.

Last night, Michael decided that he really wanted to throw the ball at the Suburbans with the irrational passion that only a two year old can have. Andy and I spent a good deal of time moving Michael, talking to Michael, distracting Michael only to watch him run right back over and aim for the limos. I sighed and reminded myself that consistency is key, and we kept working on it.

Andy finally got the ball from Michael and decided to throw it onto our lawn so Michael would chase it away from the beautiful, shinny, black vehicles. It was a good idea, except that he didn’t take into account how light the ball was. Sure enough, the ball goes soaring through the air and smashed right into the side of Andy’s car. Michael ran right over, picked it up, and pegged it right into the side of the car again. So much for consistency.

Andy and I just laughed while I congratulated him on the excellent parenting.


Karla said...

How frustrating (the neighbor)!!!

These "lovely" little 2 year olds sure do have minds of their own!!! We have been there with the target practice aka ball throwing, and we also live in a I definitely feel your pain!

Heidi Ongbongan said...

I thought they were supposed to be targets for little boys. At least all he is using is a soft little ball instead of taking aim with something else........ Oh wait, have you started potty training yet?