Thursday, August 21, 2008

“Michael” is Back

I discovered last night that “Michael” isn’t gone, it’s just been transferred.

As I’ve mentioned, we live in a town home community with a number of other young families. It’s wonderful for those of us with children. Not so wonderful for Snowball, the well loved cat.

We have had some of the nicest August weather I’ve seen in years, so the kids have been spending a lot of time outdoors playing with one another. Last night, we had a little gang of the beasties roaming the front lawns, playing with sidewalk chalk, and trying to force car keys into the mailbox locks. It was Michael, J who is the same age, N who is almost two, and M who is 21 months and the only girl. They played nicely together for over an hour.

M, being a little younger, and being a girl, doesn’t always get into the same things as the boys do. While the boys were playing with clods of dirt from a neighbor’s garden project, she was sitting on her mommy’s lap. When the boys found a praying mantis, she was picking up chalk. Finally, when the boys headed off into the shrubs to find a tree to climb, she just rolled her eyes and shook her head. (Oh wait, that was me.)

None of the boys has managed to find a tree to climb yet, I mean they are only three feet tall. But, that doesn’t stop them from trying. J’s daddy finally got them all distracted from trying to climb a miniature tree that clearly could not hold any of their weight. N and J came out from the bushes and looked for something else to destroy. Michael, on the other hand, decided to go on Safari. This just drives me crazy. He won’t come out, and I’m too big to fit back there and get him out. So, I’m reduced to the entirely ineffective, “Michael, come out here. Michael, we’ll have to go in if you don’t come out. Michael…Michael...Michael.”

Last night, my first “Michael” was met with J and N running over scolding “Michael” as well. I had to stop and laugh as they continued to chide him with their little toddler voices. “Mi-chol, come owt!” J even put his hands on his hips while he did it.

It was really very cute until I realized what I must look like doing that. Maybe a leash isn’t such a bad idea.


LauraC said...

Oh I hate when we get these little mirrors of ourselves. Nate told me he was so proud of me cooking dinner. Oh yeah, I tell them all the time I am proud of them when they behave!

Zoey's Mommy said...

Don't you just LOVE the age they are at right now?! The little kids in your neighborhood sound so cute. That's so nice that Michael has neighbor kids to play with.