Wednesday, August 27, 2008

M's Revenge and other things

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to me boss that I didn't have enough work to keep me busy. I know better, I really do. But it was true. I have plenty of work to keep me busy now, and my blog is going to suffer for it. So, I'm just going to lump stuff together and see how it goes.

Last night, M got her revenge on Michael. Back in my "is my child a brat" days, M was Michael's biggest target. Honestly, I can see why she was so hard to resist. She's just so sweet and innocent looking. The chubby cheeks, the curly hair, the pouty lips. What little boy could resist the temptation of pushing that?

Michael has been really sweet for the past week or so. No pushing, no hitting. He's even been SHARING! He's finally starting to charm her. But, boys are hopelessly lacking in sense when it comes to girls. Last night when we went outside, M was smiling his way, luring him in. So, Michael went right over to see her. Her, and the the hose that she was holding. He walked up and she gave him a big grin and drenched him from head to toe, laughing the entire time. His evil mommy stood there laughing too. Poor boy.

In other news, I finally finished Breaking Dawn last night. I totally loved it and felt very fulfilled when it was done. I really only had two problems with it. 1) Vampire stories should NEVER mention anything along the lines of Chromosomes. If we are going to suspend our disbelief long enough to read about vampires, we can probably handle it without any fake science backing it up. I'm glad there was very little of that stuff mentioned. 2) I read London's Word of the Week Post before finishing the book and felt like I was being poked in the eye every time SM used the word "Chagrined".

I know that there was something else that I wanted to post about, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was. Think, think, think...Nope, it's gone. Sorry.


Heidi O said...

It's like lucy holding the ball for charlie brown. He fell for it everytime. And down he went on his back! I love that she must have had a look in her eyes when she was thinking about drenching him.

London said...

LOL about M's revenge!

Sorry about the chagrin, I just couldn't help it. Actually I could go on and on about the words/phrases that SM overuses. Someone buy that woman a thesaurus!