Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh, so embarrassing

I did the most embarrassing thing today at work.

Remeber my shoe post from last week? I had a horrible time with the pictures for that post. I even ended up with some of them sitting on the desktop of my work computer. I haven't cleaned my desktop off in a while, so it's getting cluttered.

One of my coworkers is scrambling to submit a paper for a conference. She has had a long, hard battle getting it approved and she needed it converted to a .pdf file to submit it. I'm the only one in my group with the software to do that, so she sent it to me to convert. I saved it to my desk top. They found an error. I converted it again, and saved it my desk top. Then, another change, so I did it again.

I'm sure you see where this is going. Yes, in my rush to get her the last copy, I accidentally grabbed the shoe picture instead of the paper. So, instead of opening up a file of her very important technical publication, she opened up this.


I'm so glad it wasn't a picutre of the Birkenstocks. That would have been bad.

The good thing is that I sent it to a woman, and not one of my male coworkers. If I had sent it to one of the guys, I would have owed him a beer. Instead, she emailed me back and asked me where to get them.


Steph said...

Good thing it was a woman who got your shoe picture! They are cute btw. I nominated you for an award- stop by and pick it up when you can!

Kaycee said...

Haha!! That's great :) I'm sure it made her smile

LauraC said...

That is AWESOME!! Both the shoes and the pic screwup.

-Bridget said...

Oh, thank you for making me laugh out loud!

Mama Mia said...

Very funny....