Thursday, August 7, 2008

Only time will tell

Thank you every one for assuring me that my child isn't a brat. I guess this is just a normal developmental stage. But, it still drives me crazy.

Yesterday evening, before we went out to play, I reminded Michael about taking turns, sharing, and being gentle. For the most part, he did pretty well. It was beautiful out, so tons of kids were out for him to play with. He was very gentle with two of the younger children. I was very proud of him, and he got a number of comments from parents when he shared. I think that's very helpful. J, who is the same age as Michael, and the sweetest child ever, has been learning about being assertive, and he managed to keep Michael in line too. I was very proud of J, because that's no easy task.

Ah, but then there is M. I knew she would be the real test of Michael's understanding of sharing and being gentle. She is just the cutest little girl. She's petite with beautiful dark spiral curls. She knows she's a princess, and it suits her perfectly. And, for some reason, she just pushes Michael's buttons. He managed to resit temptation for a little while, but finally, he couldn't resist. He gave her a nice shove and looked so satisfied. I had this strange feeling as I was carrying him inside for a talk that he has thinking, "It was worth it."

So, I'm still not sure about the brat thing. But, I really am starting to wonder if this is his first crush.


Mama Mia said...

oh, how cute his first crush!

Heidi O said...

Hey Joanna, I will tell you. Max, my older one, went through that with a girlfriend. She would push his buttons and so he was getting punished. Her mom was visiting with a friend and when she came back and saw what was happening, she immediately had 'talks' with her daughter about purposely pushing buttons.
Anyway glad Michael has been doing better with the sharing and being gentle, maybe he could teach my kids to stop tackling all the adults.

-Bridget said...

I hope it's just the age too, or I've got one big brat on my hands as well. And yes, it certainly sounds like a crush to me.