Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Tidbits

We had a nice, mostly uneventful, weekend. There are a few things I'd like to share.

We had beautiful weather on Saturday, so I took Michael to the small, local playground in the morning. For most of the time, we had the playground to ourselves, which means I got to play on the slide too. Michael enjoyed bossing me around. I think it must be nice for him, considering I'm normally the one doing the bossing around. After about 45 minutes, a father, son and daughter came over. The girl wanted to swing, which means that Michael had to swing as well. I pushed him twice, and then he decided he wanted OUT. I lifted him out, put him down, and he ran right in front of the girl on the swing. Her father and I both jumped in to save him. I got him settled and 2 seconds later, he ran right into her. The momentum knocked him off his feet, and right into the wood chips. He cut up his arm and scared himself (and me) pretty good. I felt so bad. I just hope he learned the lesson about swings.

On Saturday evening, we went to the Stride Rite outlet. His feet measured a size 8, so they recommended I buy 8 1/2. I was looking for some, but couldn't find any when the sales woman informed me that I needed to look in the BOYS section. I almost cried. My little baby isn't a BOY. He can't be a BOY. He's a baby. Well, a 2.25 year old baby. Sigh.

Yesterday, we had a number of thunderstorms. We have had them before, but Michael has never seemed to have noticed thunder before. Yesterday, after a loud clap of thunder, he asked, "What's that?" I told him it was thunder. He went to the window, pulled the curtain aside, and glanced out at the rain. "We are having a thunderstorm." he informed me. Yes, we are. How do you know that? Andy told him that the clouds were drumming, and I almost expected Michael to correct him with the technical description about charged ions and such. It's just a matter of time.

And, the most memorable experience from this weekend? The knot on my forehead. Michael bonked me on the head with a rock on Friday. It was completely out of the blue, and was not intended maliciously. But, it sure does hurt.


London said...

Ouch, sorry about your head! Batman knocked my glass of water into my mouth the other day, gave me a fat lip!

DesiDVM said...

Yeah, we've already added "running in front of swings" to the list of Things J Will Only Learn the Hard Way.

It's funny how they pick up on things so quickly now. I was washing the windshield the other day and J pointed at the wipers and said, "It's raining!"

LauraC said...

OMG, Alex has gotten kicked in the head so many times and he has not learned. We were at the park on Sunday and ran into a family with one kid... the dad looked SO happy that N&A could play with his kid instead of him :)

Mama Mia said...

Sorry about your head, OUCH!!!!
Perhaps you have a future weather man on your hands!

Heidi O said...

Ouch is right. I hope your forehead feels better. And about the swings, hmmm not sure when that lesson finally gets through but it isn't the first time. lol!

Joanna said...

Oh no, they don't learn on the first swing hit? Great.