Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What a difference a few months can make.

It never ceases to amaze me what a difference a few months can make in the life of a small child. Michael has been battling us on every little thing for what feels like forever. It’s gotten so that we have really limited where we take him, and what we do because sometimes it’s just not worth the trouble. Every so often, we get courageous and decided to give him a try, hoping that this time it may be different.

On Friday night, we decided to try to go out to dinner. Nothing fancy, just a quick trip to Panera. To make things go better, we decided to keep our expectations really low. Hey, it’s the only thing we really had control over.

Michael was an angel. He sat nicely on the booth seat next to me and enjoyed a nice meal of grilled cheese, chips, and milk. He didn’t throw anything, he didn’t yell, he didn’t try to escape and run around the restaurant. He just sat there like a human being and ate dinner with us. It was so nice.

For the most part, his pleasant demeanor stayed through the rest of the weekend. Well, except for the trip to the book store. There may have been two pushing episodes and a lay on the floor kicking and screaming tantrum, but no one got hurt, I’m not being sued, and Michael did finally play nicely at the train table. I’d consider that a success.

He was so pleasant, that we actually decided to take him to a real restaurant on Saturday. You know, the kind that has waitresses that come to your table and take your order. Once again, Michael behaved very well, so we took him to the mall and let him walk around there too. I could tell him that he needed to hold my hand or he would have to ride in the stroller, and it worked. We repeated this process in the park on Sunday with the same results. We were even able to let him loose by the creek so he could throw rocks in the water, and not once did he try to go into the creek.

I know these things don’t really seem like a big deal if you haven’t had a two year old, but for us, they are huge. Going out to dinner or taking a walk in the park, should be relaxing and enjoyable activities; not anxiety producing, maniac chasing, want to sit down and cry kind of activities. And I’ll tell you, after months of the later, the former is more than welcome.

If Michael can change so much in just a few short months, it makes me wonder what he’ll be like two or three months. Then again, maybe I don’t want to know.


London said...

LOL, I know, as soon as things start going good they enter a new phase and learn new ways to get on your nerves. Last night Batman was calling me from the hall, I rushed to see what he wanted. He pointed at the kitchen and stated very sternly, "Mommy, go cook dinner." OY!

LauraC said...

I think one nice thing about having twins is that my expectations are crazily low, as in if we all go somewhere and no one cries, it's a bloggable moment. Seems like as soon Alex gets out of a hard phase, Nate enters a hard phase. But I always say - at least they are alternating so we're not going through two crazy kids at the same time.

Glad to hear you're in a good phase! Go do things while you can!!!!

Heidi O said...

You are one lucky lady. We went to a restaurant for lunch yesterday just to have my 4 yo egg on my 2 yo and run around the table until I caught the 2 yo and ordered the 4 yo to sit or face the consequences. That's when the fun begins when they fully appreciate that their life can suck because you can make it so!

Mama Mia said...

YEAH for you guys......