Monday, September 8, 2008

As summer draws to a close

We are entering the last few weeks of summer here in the Philadelphia area. Our weather is cooling off, and we are enjoying the comfortable evenings, even if they are broken up with the occasional tropical storm blowing through.

Friday evening it was still a little hot out, so we decided to head out for the evening. The only problem was that Andy and I couldn't figure out where to go. In the midst of our debate, Michael piped up with, "I want to got to the bookstore." Oh, music to my ears. How can you turn down a child that wants to go to the bookstore?

Ok, I realize he's not going for the books. In fact, I'm not even sure if he knows there are books there. All those rows and rows of books look like heaven to me, but I suspect they just look like an annoying maze of obstacles that keep him from his one true love, the train table. He loves that thing so much that Andy and I are trying very hard to figure out just where we could put one. We could shove the love seat in front of the fireplace again and open up some room in the living room. But we have done that before and it makes the room really tight. We could put it in the basement, but it gets kind of chilly down there in the winter.

I have a feeling that we'll find a solution to this problem about a week after it starts getting dark too early to get Michael outside after dinner.

Saturday, Hanna blew through. We got a lot of much needed rain, and managed to miss most of the wind. It was a prefect day for visitors. My mother in law came up to visit in the morning. Honestly, she's far from my favorite person, and I don't really look forward to seeing her. However, she loves Michael and I will not deny them time together. They really did seem to have a great time playing with Matchbox cars. Michael was genuinely happy to see her, and the visit went really well. It also wore him out, so that he went down easily for his nap. (and I got to sneak one in as well.)

After his nap, Andy's sister and her fiance came up for dinner. It was nice to see them, and also nice to have some adult conversation over dinner. Of course, Michael loved having all the attention.

Yesterday, we went over to the small fair our township holds every fall. The fire department brings several engines and does demonstrations for the crowd. We got there early, and one of the firemen gave Michael the grand tour of two fire engines. Michael actually got to sit in the big fire truck and pretend to drive it. The fireman even adjusted the seat and steering wheel for him. Oh, if only you could have seen the look of pure joy on Michael's face. That's when Andy and I realized that neither of us had grabbed the camera.

After the fire engines, we went over to the playground and ran into several other little boys that we know. I think they were both in need of either a nap or some food. Both boys were fighting their moms over every little thing. For once, Michael was actually the most well behaved child on the playground. It was a huge relief.

All in all, it was a great weekend, but the best part of it didn't happen until after dinner last night. One of my neighbors, J's mommy, just had a baby boy last week. Last night I finally got to meet him. He is just the sweetest, cutest, most precious little baby. His hair is full and soft. I could probably just pet him for hours. He kept peaking at me with one eye, and I melted every time. Oh, and the noises he makes. He squawks like a baby bird. He clearly knows what he wants and how to get it. Isn't it amazing how one tiny little baby can just turn a cynical, grown woman into a pile of mush? But, he's just so itty bittty...

And oh my god if he doesn't make Michael seem huge!

There are two things that concern me about the end of summer. The first is what on earth am I going to do with Michael all winter long? I'm not sure my house, or my nerves are going to survive. We are planning set play dates with J and M, but still I'm going to have a bouncy two year old running loose in my house for months on end.

The other concern is that this is the time of year that critters move inside. A few years ago, the camel crickets moved in and we haven't been able to get rid of them since. This year, a mouse moved in. Mr. Fuzzy, MF for short, finally bit the dust on Friday night, but I've never known a mouse that travelled alone, so I'm expecting more. So, not only will I have a bouncy two year old loose in the house, but I'm going to have mouse traps set up too. That's going to be fun.

And by fun, I mean it's going to be like keeping a monkey from climbing a tree, or a cat from scratching up the furniture.


London said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Batman loves the train table at our bookstore too, but there's no way we'd have room for it. As if we could afford it! lol I really wish our weather would cool off, but it will probably remain warm here for at least another month or two.

Maria said...

Sounds like so much fun in the firetruck! I am also very worried about what winter will bring here in the Northeast...please let it be less snowy than last year.

Mama Mia said...

I don't know if this will make you feel better, but we had a mouse in our house (Mickey) and the comish caught him and we NEVER had another..Seriously...i wish you the best w/ that...

Heidi O said...

My kids love the train table too.

The thing that struck me, is that I am waiting for the weather to cool so I can finally start sending the kids outside. I have the exact opposite problem of not being able to send them out to play because of the heat. Which is starting to dissipate finally.

LauraC said...

We have a train table in our office and it's been worth every penny. We have multiple play areas in the house. Downstairs we have the playroom and upstairs we have the train table and a set of duplo blocks. Key to not stabbing ourselves in the eyes with two fighting toddlers! Even if it will be cold in the basement, a change of scenery would be nice.

I'm also putting together a craft set for the winter. Target has a play-doh tool set on sale this week, includes play-doh, and things to make hair, worms, and cut-outs. The boys played with that for an HOUR on Sunday morning. AN HOUR!

I got the cheapest table and chairs from Ikea so they can ruin it with play-doh if they so desire. And markers and stickers.