Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A moment of peace, and then...

Yesterday after work, I was able to relax for a few minutes and do some Sudukos before my mom brought Michael home. It was a nice warm day, so I sat out on our front steps and listened to the crickets chirp and soaked up some of the last summer rays.

And then, Michael came home. He was in a good mood until my mom informed me that she had forgotten Michael's Shirt. His Shirt is not a shirt that he wears, it's his security blanket. He's very attached to Shirt, and even though he didn't seem to know that Shirt was missing until my mom mentioned it, he immediately decided that he must have Shirt !

I hate to make my mom drive all the way home and bring Shirt back. She already delivers him to my door 4 days a week. She certainly goes above and beyond. So normally when Shirt gets left behind, I go and get it. But yesterday my mom volunteered to do it for me.

That's one problem solved, however, I still have a crying child that MUST HAVE SHIRT NOW. I carried him inside, plopped him on the sofa, and tried to distract him from the tantrum he was throwing. And, being the overachiever that I am, I decided to get dinner started as well.

I was trying out a new fish product that I had picked up at the market. Andy's pretty fussy about his fish, he prefers it breaded and fried, so I was really going out on a limb trying something that was neither breaded or fried. To balance it out, I decided to make his favorite rice dish. But, it was going to make timing everything difficult.

The oven was preheated, Michael was having some milk in the living room, and Andy was just finishing up cleaning up after exercising. Perfect timing.

Until Andy came down and informed me that there was water leaking in the basement. Son of a bitch.

I ran down to the basement and saw several small water spots on the ceiling tiles that made no sense. Hmm...The toilet is over there, that's were the shower is. The kitchen sink and dishwasher are over on that side and the outside faucet is along the wall. How is this happening?

Whatever it was, it was a very slow leak, so I decided to tackle it after dinner.

I pulled dinner off just fine, and Andy even liked the fish. But something didn't seem right. "Andy, is it warm in here?" Sigh.

So, I finished my dinner quickly and headed back down to the basement. After removing a bunch of ceiling tiles and tracking the water drops I finally figured out what it was. Condensation on the A/C's refrigerant line. I checked the outside unit and there was frost developing on it. Time to call the repairman. At this point Michael was out of his booster seat and wanted to follow Andy down to the basement to see what was going on. I walked by to get the phone book, and Michael freaked. You know, the foot stomping, lung blasting kind of temper tantrum that makes you want to go hide under a rock. I'm sure the woman taking my call thought I was murdering him.

So, that was my evening. Tantruming child, leaks in the basement, broken A/C. Oh, and did I mention that Michael ran into my toe and pulled off part of my toenail? And the best part of it? Yesterday was the last day of summer heat. The cold front that will cool off our evenings into comfortable sleeping weather isn't coming through until today. So, we had a nice warm, sticky night to look forward to.

Now where is that darn repair man?


Maria said...

I love it that your husband goes to you in those situations! It is the same wat around here. Hope your day is better today and that your night is cooler. Oh, we have a monkey that is essential at our house, so I know all about the NEED (insert desired comfort object here) NOW!

Steph said...

Whoa, what a day...hopefully Shirt comes home w/Michael today and he leak stops w/the ac repairman. Ouch on the toenail injury too.

This is for you (I could not get the photo to copy...)


Angela said...

Gotta hate A/C problems--had to deal with that TWICE these past few weeks and its NO fun!

Julie said...

Okay, that sounded like a pretty miserable evening. At least Andy liked the fish. I hope you get your AC fixed soon and sorry about your ouchie--I seem to get injured by Lana all the time too--her skull is a weapon.

Mama Mia said...

Yikes, sorry..hopefully today is a better day..it's raining and cool in CT, I am hoping you have similar weather...

Karen said...

Wow....that sounds like all of the bad things saved themselves up for yesterday! We had our A/C go out in August and it was awful. Hope shirt got home and that your toenail is a little bit better. Someone doesn't like nails in your house!