Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pockets are Amazing

One of the aspects of being a mother that I truly love is watching Michael discover all of the complex things that seem so simple to grownups. Things like his endless wonder with bubbles or how many times he will pick up a cup with a straw in it and dump it on himself.

This evening, he finally figured out pockets.

He thought he had figured out pockets months ago. It was all very clear to him. A pocket is the fun hole in the neck of mommy's shirt. You take a ball, pull on mommy's collar, drop the ball in, and then laugh when the ball falls out the bottom of mommy's shirt. Repeat five thousand times until you have mastered pockets. Move on to cups with straws.

Today he finally realized that his jeans have pockets. We were outside playing with the helicopter seeds from the maple tree. We tossed them in the air for a while. Next, we picked them up off the road and put them in a pile. That's when the light bulb went off over Michael's head. He could put the entire pile in his pocket!

I sat and watched him for several minutes as he sat on the curb and stuffed seeds into his very squished pocket. He was so determined to get them all that I had to help him pick up a few extra ones that fell off the curb. I was so impressed that the idea had finally clicked for him.

Then, he stood up. The seeds remained firmly in his pocket. He looked down at his leg in complete confusion. Then, he bent over and started to pull at them hem of his pants. When he didn't find anything there, he started to pull up his pant leg. It was my turn for confusion. What on earth is he doing?

That's when it hit me. He was expecting the seeds to fall through the pocket and come out his pant leg when he stood up. I stifled a laugh and showed him that the seeds were still in the pocket, and that's when he finally got it. Pockets are for storing things. What will they think of next?

"Come on, let's go show daddy your helicopters," I said. He happily ran for the door so he could show Andy the seeds he was storing in the amazing little pouch attached to his pants.


How much do you want to bet that I forget all about this and run his jeans through the laundry without remembering to take the seeds out?


Karla said...

Thats too cute! Love that "aha" moment!

Aly said...

It's so fun to watch kids learn, grow, and discover new things! Sounds like a fun evening.