Thursday, September 4, 2008


I wanted to take a few minutes and update everyone on some of the things I've mentioned on my blog.

First, my mom's knee has improved a good bit. She was able to get out and about on Saturday, and started watching Michael again on Tuesday. Unfortunately, she is still experiencing some pain, and her range of motion is still limited. She's going to give it a little more time, and if it doesn't improve, she will see a specialist.

Second, Michael's boo boo finger has completely healed. Once the nail fell off, the finger never really seemed to bother him much. I'm actually impressed by how quickly the nail grew back. This past weekend I realized it was actually getting too long, and had to trim it along with the other 9.

Third, on Monday I bribed Michael with a green lollipop to get him to show me his teeth. That last molar is sitting right under the surface and should come through at any time. Based on Michael's eating the past few days, I think it may have started to come through. I'll bribe him again in a few days to check. I can't wait for teething to be over.

-A funny thing about the lollipop. Michael asks for them based on color, not flavor. It turns out that he doesn't like green. -

And finally, the hitting and pushing thing. He has only hit once in the last week even though he has spent many hours playing with various kids. I'm very proud of him. He and M even behaved themselves so well, that K a very shy little girl, decided to join them during a pool "party" this past weekend. She was so interested in playing with them that she got into the pool fully dressed! Of course, Michael and M were fully dressed too, but who has time for swim suits and swim diapers when there is a big tub full of water RIGHT THERE?


Julie said...

I also use lollipops as bribes. Lana calls them "licks" b/c the first time I gave her one I told her to lick it, don't bite it. I may have said it a few too many times.

Glad your mom and Michaels boo boo are doing better :)

-Bridget said...

I'll be glad for teething to be over with too!