Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm getting ready to leave work for a week of vacation. While I was setting up my out of office notice on my inbox and recording my out of office message for my voicemail I realized that I should probably mention something about it on here as well.

We don't have any wild and extravagant plans for the week. We are going to head down the shore to visit my dad for a few days. (For anyone that doesn't go to the Jersey Shore, that means we are going to the beach.) I'm also hoping that I can finally get around to Michael proofing Michael's nursery so that we can switch him to a toddler bed. And, that's about it. How's that for setting low expectations?

I'm hoping to get on a little during the week, but if not, I promise to be back the following week with pictures.


LauraC said...

Have a great trip!

The boys' room is twinproofed. I'll let you guess what that means! It is completely bare except a dresser (with drawer latches) and their beds. Ikea sells picture frames with plastic in them instead of glass, I even switched those out!

London said...

Have fun!

Heidi O said...

Have a good time!

Erin said...

Have a great vacation!