Monday, October 20, 2008

How Pluto Became a Pirate

For a month or so, I've been trying to get the idea of dressing up for Halloween across to Michael. I thought it would be a lot of fun to take Michael out and let him pick out his costume this year. I bought several Halloween books, we have watched several Halloween shows, but aside from pumpkins, Michael couldn't care less about Halloween. So, Andy and I ended up picking out his costume for him.

The first place we looked was at Pottery Barn Kids. They have some beautiful costumes, and if Michael had liked any of them, I might have considered spending the money on one. However, the only thing he was interested in was this.


I'm pretty sure that he would have played with this thing all night if we had let him. I thought about buying it, but I'm also pretty sure that he would lose all interest in it the moment I paid for it.

So, we headed off to the Disney Store. We tried to get him interested in the costumes there, but he was more interested in a toy vacuum that made noise. So, Andy and I looked around, and decided we really liked the Pluto costume. I mean, how can you resist this?


I mean, how cute is that? It's soft and puffy and warm. Just like the turtle costume I bought Michael last year.

Photobucket that I think about it, Michael didn't like that costume at all, and refused to wear the turtle head. But, he's older know and he actually knows who Pluto is. Maybe he'll really get into it.


Maybe not.

Michael had a costume birthday party to go to on Sunday, so Saturday night we came to our senses and returned Pluto to the Disney store. We decided to go with the safest costume we could find. The pirate.

We considered trying the whole costume on him on Saturday night, but I decided that the last minute shove him in and out the door might be the best approach. Here we are at 50%. Not bad. No tears yet.


Now for the top.


He looks a little pained by the top, but he managed to hold back the tide. I fixed him up really quick, and we headed out the door. Here's what he looked like an hour later.


So, I'd say that the pirate costume was a success. He even wore the bandana on his head. It wasn't as cute as Pluto, but it worked.


London said...

What a cute pirate!!!

LauraC said...

That Pluto costume pic is AWESOME. I swear those are my fave kind of pics of kids.

Check out one of my fave pics of Nate:

Steph said...

Love the evolution of the costume and the pictures of Michael! We had a similar situation w/Cooper this year and I am amazed that he finally wore his golfer costume and enjoyed it at his party on Friday. Like your pirate costume I picked golfer because it was not padded or puffy and was the closest to regular clothes I could find that was still a costume.

DesiDVM said...

I've also learned through trial and error and lots of tears that no matter what costume I pick out, I'm flirting with disaster if it involves something being on J's head. He can handle anything except a costume with an attached headpiece, as evidenced by last year's screaming fit over a giraffe costume that looks eerily similar to Michael's Pluto costume LOL.

When I tried to leave the decision up to him and asked him what he wants to be, he obviously doesn't get it because he told me he wants to dress as "a paper towel."

Mama Mia said...

I totally remember that from last year! He looks cute as a pirate, and don't let him tell Braeden (I told him there were no pirate costumes this year, he is going as a fire fighter)

-Bridget said...

The turtle and Pluto pics look strangely similar. Glad you found a winner with the pirate. He looked adroable.

Beth said...

Too funny Joanna! I love the pirate boots. I say you just let him go out in the boots and diaper!

BTW--I tagged you. Hope you don't mind! And no worries if you don't want to play.

Deanna said...

oops...think my comment got lost. I love Michael's face in the pluto costume! He's totally not going for it! Kelton has that same look about getting dressed in pajamas...e-v-e-r-y night. I bought him a sock monkey costume for this year because I think I can stick the monkey hat on his helmet and maybe he won't notice. We'll see.

Karen said...

I love pictures like the one in the Pluto costume. I feel like that's when their true personality comes out.

Hopefully the Cars costume will be a success here!

Heidi O said...

So glad you found a happy medium with Michael.

He looked pretty good as a pirate.