Monday, October 13, 2008

*Rolling My Eyes*

Really, I can't think of anything that will work for a title to this post, so I'm just going to go with the eye roll.

After posting my warm fuzzy post about daycare I headed home for the day. It was Andy's day to pick up Michael. It was a beautiful fall day, and when I pulled up to my parking spot, I saw a bunch of neighborhood kids out playing. I expected to see Michael over with the group, but no. I hollered over to ask if Michael was around. "No, last I saw him, he was having a meltdown," was the response I got. Great.

The first thing I heard when I walked in the door was this whining, crying sound. Michael was still melting down. As soon as he saw me, he latched on to me. "What's wrong bunny?" I asked. "My knee hurts." Followed by, "My teeth hurt." Followed by, "My hair hurts."

Dude, you know it's a bad day when your hair hurts.

I cuddled Michael up on my lap and tried to calm him down, but it wasn't working. I knew he was in pain, but I was having trouble narrowing down what was wrong. After watching him squirm on my lap for an hour, I finally noticed a pattern of him grabbing at his right ear. Ah, it must be an ear infection. Off to the pediatrician's office for a diagnosis. Sure enough, his poor little ear is infected.

This is Michael's first ear infection, and I have to give a hand to all of you out there who have been there, done that. I have never had Michael cry so long and for so hard before. It's so hard knowing that something is wrong, and yet being powerless to do anything about it. I gave him Motrin, but I don't know if it made any difference. All I could really do was hold him and comfort him as much as possible.

He cried for hours. Pretty much from 4:00 when I got home, until he passed out on my lap at 8:30. His poor little eyes were swollen and purple rimmed. The only time he wasn't on my lap was while I was driving him to and from the doctor, and while I was picking up his antibiotics. He even had to follow me to the bathroom when I needed a break. It was exhausting, but it was also sort of sweet. He hasn't needed me like that since he was an itty, bitty baby. It felt nice to have his warm, snuggly body curled into mine. I kind of miss those days.

The antibiotics seemed to help faster than I expected. By Friday morning he was much perkier than the night before. He was even being agreeable about taking the "magic pink candy juice". He was still a bit cranky over the weekend, but at least he was up to dive bombing me on the sofa again. Hopefully, he'll be back to himself in another day or too.

I will say that this has been the longest three weeks of my life. First, my car died, then my mom hurt her leg, next the whole daycare thing, culminating with an ear infection and a cranky weekend. And then, to add insult to injury, I got to discover just what antibiotics do to a little one's stomach. And that's about where I started to just roll my eyes. What else is there to say?


London said...

Yikes, sorry you've had such a rough couple of weeks. It can only get better from here though, right? (I'm always the eternal optimist)

LauraC said...

Sorry to hear the little guy is sick. We've found that giving them unlimited dairy, bananas, and toast helps with the bad side effects of antibiotics. Just don't give him anything with fiber for a few days until his stomach settles and use lots of diaper cream in advance bc most kids get a bad diaper rash.

When people ask me if I want more children, to me the hardest part was having TWO kids so sick that first cold & flu season. That's what scarred me from having more kids. Nate had double ear infections for 3 months and got tubes at 9 months! And then Alex's physical therapy and helmet and Nate's reflux and the constant colds and flus and ear infections. Yeah I'm done with kids.

I do have to say though, in some ways it is much worse dealing with a tantruming sick ear infected toddler than a baby with ear infections. With babies, you can at least hold them upright and let them sleep on you and eventually they will settle down. Toddlers though, tend to cry for hours.

Steph said...

I am sorry you're going through an ear infection with Michael (although congrats on not having one before now). We've been there a lot (although none since tubes surgery in May thanfully). Not fun. I agree w/what Laura said about dairy, bananas, and toast. Although for Cooper being the picky eater he is if Michael is anything like him as far as eating, toast and bananas are off limits... so lots of Yoplait kids yogurt and milk and cheese worked for Cooper and no fruit or juice.

DesiDVM said...

um, yeah...with all my glowing recommendations about why daycare is so great, I kind of *forgot* to add: They get sick more often. Thanks, daycare!!

-Bridget said...

"My hair hurts!" That may well be the cutest and saddest little thing I've ever heard. Ear infection, ugh! Those are miserable for both mommy and child. I hope he's doing better now.

One thing that has always saved us has been Lactinex granuals. You have to ask from them at the pharmacy, they keep them behind the counter in a fridge. You mix up the granuals a few times a day in something like applesauce. They really help the digestive system and keep things fromg getting so bad. Especially if you are having to move on to something stronger like Omnicef. Reagan's little system had a terrible time with antibiotics. Until we started giving her the Lactinex she actually ended up in the ER from dehydration caused from the antibiotics or at the least getting sent home from daycare from having too many runny stools in a day. With the lactinex she can tolerate them pretty well.

Julie said...

I have no wondrous advice, I just wanted to send you some HUGS! You have been having a rough time lately. I hope Michael is feeling better soon.