Thursday, October 16, 2008

Those Sweet, Sweet Moments

The past few weeks have been pretty tough. With all of the changes and illness, Andy, Michael and I have all been pretty cranky. But, it hasn’t all been bad, and in the last few days it’s been getting a little better. There are those sweet moments that just make it all worth while.

Michael has been a bit clingy recently, and I’m ok with that, even if it does mean I have someone “helping” me when I go to the bathroom. At bedtime, I give him a choice of riding up the stairs piggy back or walking up, and for a while he was picking walking up. I love watching him run down the hall with his shirt dragging on the floor next to him. But, recently he’s decided that he wants me to carry him up. I know some people would say that a two and half year old should walk up the stairs by him self, but I don’t care. I’ll carry him up to bed every night that he lets me because I love to feel those arms around my neck and the tickle of his hair on my cheek.

On Sunday evening, Michael and I were watching Americas Funniest Home Videos curled up on the sofa. At one point, Tom was speaking with an audience member. She had on this funky yellow shirt with ruffles around the v-neck. She was sort of, um, flatchested, and the ruffles made it look like her boobs were growing out of her stomach. So I asked, “What on earth is that woman wearing?” I didn’t expect an answer to my snarky and obviously rhetorical question. But, I got one.

Michael looks at me like I’m insane and says, “A yellow shirt.”

Andy piped up from the kitchen with a laugh, “Duh, mommy.”

That’s when I realized that Michael had just called me stupid.

He did it again on Monday. My mom got him these cute little socks with polar bears on them. In the evening, when I took his shoes off, I asked him what was on his feet. I was trying to get him to say polar bears, but instead he gave me that same incredulous look and replied, “Socks.” I could just hear him thinking, “Why does she waste my time with these stupid questions?” I think it’s so cute.*

The best sweet moment was last night. Michael and I were sitting on the sofa and he had just finished up a snack. I wrapped my arms around him, laid back on the sofa and gave him a big bear hug. He looked at me and said, “I love you” and planted a big old sloppy kiss right on my lips. Oh, I just about melted. We continued with the “I love yous” and the kisses for a few minutes. Sure, I had baby slobber all over me, but oh was it worth it. I just love that little boy to pieces.

I do have a confession to make though. One of my sweet moments last night wasn’t with Michael. It was with “C” my neighbor’s sweet little baby boy. He’s six weeks old, and last night was the first time I got to hold him. Oh, his fuzzy little head was soooo soft. He kept yawning and showing that cute little toothless mouth. I think one time he even smiled at me. (Not really, I think it was a bubble, but it looked like a smile.) I started to talk to him, trying to convince him to let his poor mommy get a little sleep, and he watched me so intently with those beautiful blue eyes. Babies are just pure heaven; especially when you get to give them back when they start to cry.

* I fully recognize that this will not be cute when he’s a teenager, but right now I’m loving it.


DesiDVM said...

Oh, man I'm in the same place...maybe I'm just nostalgic lately but every time we're getting ready for bed all I can think about is how soon J will be too big to read stories in my lap in the rocking chair.

I also love their unintentional brutal honesty. This morning J was trying to keep me from getting in the shower, so I asked him if he wanted to get in the shower with me. "No, Mommy, I don't shower wif you," he said, shaking his head. "You too big."

Kaycee said...

Aw I think those are sweet(funny) moments. Love the sock and shirt comment. LOL..duh mommy!!

Your comments on my blog are cracking me up. I really don't ahve that much energy. I get to take a nap with Cami everyday lately :) yay!!

Steph said...

Such sweet memories... I also love carrying Cooper upstairs when it's bath/bed time. He's also just about outgrown rocking in his chair at night while we read a story... it goes by so fast.

Beth said...

I'll hold or carry William any chance I get. Especially with Seth around, those moments are fewer and farther between!