Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Creepy Crawly Update

I went down to the basement last night to find a book. When I did, I discovered camel cricket #1 hopping around. I had no shoes or phone books handy, so I found an old copy of Shell Silverstein's A Light In the Attic and flung it the cricket. That's what I call death by poetry.

Later, I came down with some paper towels to dispose of the evidence. I moved the book, picked up the bug - holding it as far from my body as possible - and opened the laundry room door to throw it in the trash. When I flipped on the light, a big old centipede ran up the wall. I squealed, and jumped back. It got away. So much for my shoe threat. Next time buddy, next time.

P.S. No, I did not take the pictures of the bugs from yesterday's post. They were pilfered from the internetz. Squealing and running does not lend itself to capturing pictures of vicious insects.


LauraC said...

You are a better woman than I am. I kill pretty much all bugs inside, even the "good" ones. I need to send a message to the bugs in our neighborhood - NIMH (not in my house!).

Oh wait, that was a lab where they experimented on animals. I have to think of another slogan for the bugs.

London said...

Ug ug ug!!! That's the sound of me shuddering, I hate bugs of any kind! Thank goodness we only have the occaisional roach. Oh and the squirrels in the attic.

Be thankful, my sil is dealing with a mouse in her kitchen that she can't seem to catch!

Julie said...

Death by poetry! You crack me up!

Melissa said...

LOL I was wondering how you took those amazingly good pictures of those creepy bugs. I imagined you down on their level with a really good telephoto lens!