Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Logic of Two Year Olds

We are really enjoying the return to health in the household. Michael has been in such a good mood for the past week and we have been able to get back into our normal routine. I’m a huge fan of family dinners, and have made sure to include Michael in them since he was just an itty bitty baby. Even if he doesn’t eat anything, I like to include him in the dinner table discussion.

Last night I made Quiche Lorraine for dinner. It takes a few minutes to prep, and then bakes for almost an hour. Once it was in the oven, I was able to sit down and play with Michael. We got out the Play-Doh and the letter cookie cutters so we could create and smush letters. Every few minutes, Michael would pull off a little piece of a letter, grin at me, and then pop the Play-Doh in his mouth.

“Eww. Michael, Play-Doh is ICKY.” I’d say. He would grin with satisfaction, but would stop eating the Play-Doh. Then, a few minutes later, he would get that look and we would repeat the cycle.*

When the Quiche was ready, Michael surprised me by agreeing to come in and eat some dinner with us. He actually ate some watermelon and cheese. I was thrilled. Like always, we offered Michael some of what we were eating. He didn’t seem as offended by it as normal. Maybe that had something to do with us calling it “Cheese Pie!” He actually took a piece, held it to his tongue, and seemed to consider maybe, possibly liking it. He did it again!

I asked him if it was yummy.


Both Andy and I jumped on it too quickly. We asked, “Do you want some?!” in unison. He said yes, but our obvious enthusiasm turned him off. He ignored it and turned back to playing with his string cheese. We blew it.

How is it that a snack of Play-Doh is desirable, but quiche made with cream, cheese, and bacon is not?

*I do get the whole kids like eating Play-Doh thing. A few months ago I mentioned to my sister that Michael was playing with Play-Doh. What’s her response? “Does it still taste as good as it used to?” My Answer? Sadly, no, it does not.


London said...

LOL that's too funny. I think Batman recently started sucking his thumb just to annoy me. Everytime I would see him doing it, I would tell him to stop. He somehow thought it was a game, now my kid's a thumb sucker! If I would have just left him alone he probably would have stopped!

Mama Mia said...

HA! Too funny!

Karen said...

Do you have any leftovers from dinner last night? I would have eaten Michael's!

Heidi O said...

That's probably why I haven't given it to Maggie yet. lol. Because I hate all the crumbs that get on the floor. Quiche sounds pretty good. I may need to make that tomorrow night for dinner.

Glad he liked the quiche, now you just need to discuss ahead of time who is going to offer it to him. lol

-Bridget said...

I think we are going to pay for having an adventurous, easy going eater like Reagan. Bailey won't eat anything either. It drives me crazy.
Your last comment totally cracked me up.