Thursday, December 4, 2008

Comments on comments

I often think about doing a post based on my comments, but rarely do. I’ve gotten several comments this week that have really made me reflect, so I thought I’d take a stab at them.

The first comment is Desi’s response to Michael playing the drums.

I guess I'm the opposite of everyone else LOL. Growing up both of my parents were musicians. My dad supported our family for a few years by playing drums and trumpet in a funk band. We had a drumset in our house as far back as I can remember. I would find it so cool if J was interested in playing drums, but I'll wait until he's older and let him pick whatever instrument he wants (my parents had us all pick instruments at age 5).Amazingly my hearing is fine but I have to admit my twin sister has some hearing loss in her left ear.

I was mostly joking about not wanting Michael to play the drums. The thought of a three year old banging randomly on a set of drums makes me cringe, but the thought of an older child learning to play the drums based on their passion is an entirely different matter.

I don’t come from a very musical family. Sure, we all love music. My sister and I both played instruments in school, and we were good enough for the Winter concert. But, my family doesn’t really have music, if you know what I mean. And the way that I know this is because my brother does have music. It’s not entertainment or a distraction, it’s part of who he is. He is gifted with an amazing voice, and an ear for both music and lyrics that never ceases to astonish me. Singing is not something organized or planned with him. He just does it. Growing up, I just got used to him breaking out in song at random times. He would get an idea in his head for a little ditty, and for several weeks, we would be blessed (or cursed, teen age boys come up with some weird things) as he worked out the tune and the words. His music was as much a gift for us, as it was for him, and I really miss hearing him sing all the time.

That said, I don’t think there is much hope that Michael has music. When he was playing with the drums, he wasn’t playing music. He was exploring how they work; investigating the similarities and differences that each drum makes. He would focus on one drum first, then another. There was no sense of rhythm involved, no sense of music. It was purely analytical.

I could be wrong. Michael is really into songs right now. He even wiggles his hiney to some of them. So, if he does want to play an instrument – even drums – I’ll encourage it. But, somehow I think I’ll be buying him a calculator before I buy him drum sticks.

The other comment that made me think was Laura’s in response to yesterday’s jealousy post.

Let me yell you the honey-do list Jon would have if he had an ENTIRE week off!!!!!! I would give him one day to relax and the rest would be doing all the stuff I get the joy of doing while he is traveling.

Believe it or not, I don’t do honey-do lists. When we got married, the women that Andy works with actually gave him a Honey-do pad as a joke. After a year or so, I finally used it for shopping lists because I never once had a request for him.

Now, before you all start thinking I have the luckiest husband in the world because he doesn’t get Honey-do list, I should clear something up. Andy isn’t the lucky one. I am, and I’m going to brag.

When I got home yesterday, my kitchen was spotless. The counters were wiped down, the dishes were all washed. He had even scrubbed around the burners on the stove! Be still my beating heart. Then, I opened the fridge. Andy had cleaned out all of the leftovers and washed the shelves. It was sparkling.

No, I’m not lying. My husband, without any prompting, scrubbed my kitchen from top to bottom. I’m telling you, he’s a keeper.


LauraC said...

SERIOUSLY a keeper.

But let me clarify Jon. If he had a week off, he would definitely be doing chores bc I think he would feel too guilty to just relax. The honey-do list would be the extra stuff - hire someone to resurface our front steps, get a quote for finishing the attic. Basically stuff we need to get done but find they keep getting pushed down the list.

I don't want anyone to think I'm hating on Jon. He is also a keeper.

Heidi O said...

LauraC we know how much you appreciate your husband and I have no idea how you do it on your own when he is gone.

Joanna, that is awesome that your husband did all that without prompting. Mine would not. I would hope that he would finally go through some of the piles of stuff that he has laying around that I keep asking him to take care of.

Heidi O said...

Okay I couldn't edit after I published. I worry that my remark sounded bad. Laura seriously I go crazy when my husband is away for a few days on a business trip so I really do think that you must have your..... together. Plus I know that your husband does help a lot when he is there, that is obvious in your posts even if not stated implicitly. I have a feeling regardless for different reasons we all have keepers.

PS sorry for hijacking this....

Joanna said...

LOL - I know you guys have keepers too. But, there are some keepers out there that need a little reminding here and there.

Mel said...

He IS a keeper!! And a role model for all DH's!

London said...

Great post! I don't have much to add. My DH doesn't do any housework, mostly because his school keeps his so busy and I'm always at home. But I'll still keep him! ;)

Karen said...

This sounds like something Todd would do!! He is definitely the one who keeps things neat and clean around our house. He will do dishes, cook, yard work, vacuum and laundry. About the only thing he doesn't do is toilets!