Friday, December 19, 2008

No squirrels in the attic or bats in the belfry

When I got home yesterday, I went upstairs to listen for squirrel activity. I didn’t hear anything, not even the pitter patter of little fuzzy feet on our roof. I decided that it was probably safe to pull down the attic stairs and head up to check out the scene of the previous night’s frantic squirrel activity.

I found nothing. No squirrel, not bats, and no hole. I was relieved to discover that there were no squirrels or bats, but the lack of a hole left me a little confused. I know that I heard an animal, but where did it come from, and where did it go?

I reported my findings to Andy, who shrugged it off saying the squirrel was probably outside playing in the rain gutter. While I know that squirrels act…ah…squirrely, I tend to think playing in the rain gutter at 3:30 am is even a little weird for them. But, having no better answer for what I heard, I didn’t argue. I just hoped that whatever caused the noise, would no longer be an issue.

I kept my hopes up until I got out of the shower and noticed little scratching sounds over in that corner of the room again. I listened for several minutes, and it sure does sound like a squirrel, but if it was in the attic, I would expect to hear it running around. But it wasn’t. What’s going on here?

I peeked outside, just to make sure that MF wasn’t playing in the rain gutter. He wasn’t. I mentioned it to Andy, but again, he shrugged it off. Until about an hour after we went to bed, when MF decided to have a little party. Stupid squirrel. Go to sleep!

Andy heard it this time, and decided to investigate. He got up, and stood in the corner of the room listening. Next, he got a flashlight and went out on our patio to check the, you guessed it, empty rain gutter. Dude, go to sleep! Instead, he threw on some shoes, went downstairs and went out on the deck to look for it. Honestly, I have no idea what he thought he would see from down there that he couldn’t see from the patio, but whatever. He gave up and came to bed, and that’s really all I cared about at that point.

So where is the squirrel? I think I know. I believe that MF has moved into our chimney. That would explain the location the noise is coming from. It would also explain why there has been no scampering around. He’s just climbing down into his nest, and settling in for the night with a walnut. And the main reason I think this theory is correct? Because, of all the options, this is going to be the hardest problem to solve. Who do I even call for squirrel removal from a chimney? A chimney sweep? Animal Control? A redneck?


Maria said...

I would say a redneck, but that would come with a whole diferent set of problems...A chimney cleaner I think would be your best bet, and I think you can get some meshy stuff (the technical term, obviously) to put over the top of the chimney to prevent his squirrelly return and possible family in the spring.

Maria said...

ETA...I meant the chimney guy could do the meshy part, although I am sure you are totally capable, and maybe you could save MF and use your taxidermy skills! HAHAHAHAHA! Kidding.

LauraC said...

Again the blogosphere has your answer on who to call:

Is it some kind of tree branch scraping the house in the wind? Are squirrels nocturnal? I think not... I think opossums are nocturnal.

Stacey said...


Joanna said...

Laura, if there is a 'possum in my chimney, I'm going to %^@* myself. There is just no way one could get in there unless they can climb a rain spout, and I really hope they can't.

My dad says it's a mouse, but it's not active all night. Just for about 10 minutes here and there.

Joanna said...

Ok, now that I have read the Dooce post, I'll take a 'possum over a raccoon any day.

I checked, the screen topper on our chimney looked like it was still in place.


Steph said...

Hmm, I'm curious about what's going on with your chimney/attic too--- we get a lot of skunks in MA and they are nocturnal, I hope you don't get those where you are. I did not think they were climbers, but I guess you never know.

I think I would probably call an exterminator first, then a chimney sweep once the varmint is gone to remedy the chimney, but if you know a good redneck I bet they could do both jobs right quick for you!

Deanna said...

Mice in the walls?!?!?

Deanna said...

Oh heck, your dad already mentioned that.

hmmmm...I'm befuddled on this one. I'd set out a mouse trap anyway and see if it catches anything. (and then I'd send my husband to check on it, because while I can set the trap, I can't bear to look at anything actually caught in it)

Zoey's Mommy said...

Hmmm...maybe you could wait until next Wednesday and have santa take care of the problem. I'm sure it would be cheaper than hiring someone. You could just pay him in cookies! :)

Mel said...

I vote a redneck! That is your only hope at this point LOL! I left you a bloggy award at my blog if you want to claim it.