Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pictures of Chrirstmas Past and Present

I have always loved all of the fun leading up to Christmas. I love the cookie baking, the decorating, the planning, and sometimes even the shopping. As a child, I couldn't wait until the tree went up, and I was always the one that went crazy with the ornaments and the tinsel. I've never outgrown it either, and I have always enjoyed decorating our tree with Andy. But, now that I have a child, it's even better.

Here is a picture of Michael from his first Christmas. He was just starting to practice crawling, and my major concern was about him learning to crawl before the tree came down. I could just imagine the many disasters that could result from a mobile baby.


For his second Christmas, he was starting to appreciate the beautiful, shinny balls that mommy was hanging all over the tree. This is one of my favorite pictures of him playing with one of the "balls" that he stole off the tree. This is also the reason I invested in a bunch of shatterproof ornaments.


This picture has nothing to do with decorating the tree, but I got such a giggle out of it this morning that I had to share. Those PJ's are size 18 months. He in 3T now. Sniff, sniff.


So that brings us to decorating the tree this year. We popped Michael's old Santa hat on him (yes that is the same hat from the first picture) and got down to business. When I pulled out the bag of garland, his eyes lit right up. Things went quickly from this...
To this...


He did that all himself, without any help from Andy or I. Not that I wouldn't drape him in copious amounts of garland, trust me, I would. But, it was even funnier because he did it too himself.

His old Santa hat is getting a little small for him, but mommy's hat might still be just a little too big.
After significant goofing around, we finally got down to business and decorated the tree. For a while, I felt like I was in a cartoon. I'd put on a string of garland, then Michael would take it back off. Once I finally got him to leave it on the tree, he would wait until I had it dropped nicely, and give it a yank, pulling it all taut. With enough distraction, provided by Andy of course, we finally got to the good part. Hanging the decorations.

To start, I sat down with a box of ornaments, and handed them to Michael to put on the tree. He would take one, walk to the tree, hang the ornament on a single needle of the tree, and then walk back for another. On the next trip, he would try to hang the new ornament while picking up the last one which had fallen to the floor. When he finally managed to get a number of them on, I noticed that they were all clustered together in one little spot. I decided to jump in and spread them around a little.

Here he is hanging a wreath hanger on the tree. He had a lot of fun, but I don't think he entirely gets the Martha Stewart approach to decorating a tree.


When we were done, Andy flipped of the lights, and we all cuddled on the sofa and gazed at our shinning tree. I sure do love getting ready for Christmas.


Maria said...

I love the pics of Michael, he looks so sweet and funny! I love the tree putting up too, and drive Will crazy with the tradition of getting it the first weekend in December. It nearly killed me this year to have to wait so long.

Carole said...

They ge tso big so fast. What a handsome thing he is!!

LauraC said...

Oh my, what a sweetie pie as a baby!!

Karen said...

You were brave! I waited until my Michael went to bed to decorate the tree last night. We'll see what happens tonight.