Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving at the McMansion

When sharing stories about Thanksgiving, I’m always struck by how large many families are. I have a very small family, and I can’t imagine how you fit 18 people at a dinner table. I guess that’s were the fabled children’s table comes in. We have never needed a children’s table because we’ve always been able to squeeze the kids in at a regular sized dinning room table. However, I do know how to feed 18 people, because despite our small family size, we always end up with enough food to feed a small army.

My sister, Aunt Bubbles, and I share the holidays. She normally takes Thanksgiving, and I normally take Christmas. She’s one of those people that is always in the middle of some project or another, so we never know what Thanksgiving will be like. This year, she and her boyfriend are in the process of building a house. Until the house is built, they are renting a Mcmansion that hasn’t been able to sell in the current market. I volunteered to take over Thanksgiving for her, but she declined. I am so glad. Michael ended up having a blast.

They haven’t unpacked very much because they are only planning on being there for a short time, They also have two beagles that can do so much damage that I’m convinced they have hidden opposable thumbs. What that means, is a huge house that is completely child-proofed. What more can a little boy ask for than constant attention from doting grandparents, hardwood floors to slide on, huge closets to hide in, and permission to jump on the furniture? And, what more can a mother ask for than a few minutes when she doesn’t have to keep a close eye on her child and doesn’t have to worry about him getting hurt or breaking anything? Add to that endless pumpkin pie with real whipped cream and my sister’s potato sausage stuffing, and you end up with a very happy little boy, and an even happier mommy.

After dinner, we all ended up in the living room looking at vacation pictures and playing catch up. It’s so nice to have a little bit of time to sit down and chat. It was a little bit difficult with Michael jumping on all of us, but isn’t that really what Thanksgiving is about, enjoying time with your family and counting your blessings?

It can be hard at the end of the evening to pack up and head home, but this year Michael made it easy. He refused to nap on the ride down, so by 5:30 he was running around like a maniac, trying to keep himself alert. He ran right into the corner of a very soft chair, and lost it. Complete and total meltdown. We scooped him up, said our goodbyes, and tucked him into the car for the ride home. He was out cold in a less than a minute. We ended our day listening to his sweet little breaths coming from the back seat.


Heidi O said...

That sounds absolutely lovely. I am now wishing for endless pumpkin pie and real whipped cream. We had apple pie instead.

Karla said...

Sounds great Joanna!