Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Break Catch-up

I really enjoyed my almost two week long work vacation over the holidays. As I’m sure you can tell, I took a big break from the internet during my break, but now I’m back and catching up on blogs.

I had many goals for the break, most of which I did not achieve. However, I did manage to pull off a few of them. I pulled off a wonderful Christmas dinner for my family while keeping my stress levels low. I actually enjoyed Christmas dinner with my family, and I was even able to sit down and enjoy the gift exchange after we rolled our stuffed bellies into the living room. I even managed to do something I haven’t done in several years. I got enough sleep and felt well rested, for an entire week. It was wonderful.

There is no way I’m ever going to get to every cute or funny thing that happened over the break, but there are a few things I’ll like to highlight.

Michael finally got Christmas this year. Andy read him T’was the Night Before Christmas before bed on Christmas eve and then we got a glass of milk and a plate of cookies to leave out for Santa. We took Michael up to bed, and then started getting the presents and stocking set up for Christmas morning. Every time Andy and I passed the cookies, we would each take a bite. I left the room for a few minutes and when I came back, all the cookies were gone. I was astonished. In my house, Santa always left a little bit of cookie behind, and I just assumed that was what he did in everyone’s house. Andy looked at me like I was crazy when I went a got another cookie, took a bite out of it, and put it on the plate. Sheesh…

We also discovered that we hadn’t explained the whole, Santa comes in the middle of the night and leaves gifts, thing very well. On Christmas morning, we told Michael that Santa had come over night when we got him from his room. He was so excited. That is until we got to the living room and put Michael down in front of all of his presents. He frowned and asked, “Where’s Santa?” Oops. Don’t worry; his disappointment was quickly wiped away by the stack of presents he got to unwrap.

Our family tradition is to turn A Christmas Story on all day while we go about our business. I’ve seen this movie so many times that I can repeat half the lines. I also know which lines Andy will automatically repeat each time they come around. This year, however, I’ve decided there is one scene that just isn’t funny anymore. It’s the dinner scene that leads up to the delivery of the Leg Lamp. The first not funny part is the narrator commenting that the poor mother hasn’t eaten a hot meal in years because she’s constantly getting up for something. Been there, done that. Maybe it will be humorous again in about 20 years. The other not funny part is when the mother tries to get Randy to eat by telling him to act like “mommy’s little piggy.” Now that I have one of those kids, I just can’t find it amusing. It’s not even useful. I tried to get Michael to eat like “mommy’s little T. Rex” but he didn’t fall for it.

There was a pleasant surprise on Christmas day. When my sister and her boyfriend showed up, I kept noticing this really sparkly diamond ring that my sister was wearing. My sister tends to buy herself jewelry with her work bonuses, so it’s not surprising to see her with new rings. However, I couldn’t remember her wearing a diamond ring since she and her ex got engaged. The ring was so stunning that when I finally got a private moment I asked her if it was real. Her response was the biggest, sweetest, goofiest grin I’ve ever seen. That’s when I realized that my sister was wearing a diamond ring on her left ring finger. We had fun for the rest of the evening trying to get others in my family to figure out that she and her “puddin” are engaged. I almost peed myself when she managed to get my mom to compare her hand with my sister’s, and even though my mom was looking straight at the ring, it never clicked. We all had a great laugh when my sister finally made the announcement. It was a wonderful way to wrap up our Christmas celebration.

I’m also going to take a moment to update you all on two of the situations from before Christmas.

Michael never seemed at all bothered by the flash light bulb that he swallowed. I never checked for it, but I’m assuming it has since passed. We did have a wonderful round of jokes about it during Christmas Dinner, which I topped off with Maria’s comment about it giving “A light at the end of the tunnel” a whole new meaning. I did fess up that it wasn’t my line, and I’m pretty sure that Maria is now welcome at just about any one of my family events.

As far as the Mr. Fuzzy situation…it remains a mystery. After I blogged about it, we never heard the noise again. I do know that they clean our gutters a few weeks before, so maybe they disrupted some critter’s food stash. Laura was entirely correct when she pointed out that squirrels are not nocturnal, which made me doubt that MF was a squirrel. Then I walked out on our balcony and discovered several chewed up walnuts and lots of squirrel poop. My best guess now is that MF is a caffeine addicted, rain gutter stashing, very regular squirrel. As long as he doesn’t come back, that works for me.


Karla said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday Joanna. Congratulations to your sister. It certainly seems like it was a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas.

Happy New Year!

Maria said...

Glad you had such a great time, and I would love to attend any of your family functions! You are too funny.