Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm cranky and I have nothing to blog today. I've pulled up my blog several times today, intending to write a post. However, I have a bit of an eye strain headache from wearing different glasses yesterday, I'm resisting the urge to raid the vending machine for potato chips or Cheetos, and I really need a nap. These things seem to be seriously hindering my ability to think coherently, so I'm going to spare you all.

One little note. I encountered another down side to dinosaurs this weekend. While Michael and I were playing dinosaur fight, I managed to get gored in the head by a Triceratops. Fortunately, it only left a small cut on my forehead. Can you imagine the look on the ER doctor's face when I explained that my head wound was the result of a battle between a Triceratops and a "furry raptor"?

"Sure lady, whatever you say."


Carole said...

LOL!!!!! Those damn dinos..Hope your head feels better soon

LauraC said...

My cranky days are the days you can tell I'm phoning it in on my blog. Step away from the cheetos, woman.

I've got a new workout video for you - 30 day shred. LOVE IT. It's only 20 minutes. At our advanced age, I think we gotta start hitting the weights to keep things from going further south than they already are.