Friday, January 16, 2009

A Night Off

Last night I decided that I needed to take the night off. I’ve been pushing myself a lot since the holiday break ended, and it finally caught up with me.

My normal weekday goes something like this.

5:00 Get up, get dressed, get Michael up

5:45 Leave to drop Michael off

6:30 Start work

3:00 Leave work

3:30 – 4:00 Get home

4:00 Make dinner

5:00 Play with Michael

6:30 Get Michael to bed

7:00 Exercise

8:15 Take shower

8:45 Sit down if chores are done

10:00 Go to bed

I’ve been pushing hard on the exercise thing because I wanted to start my New Year off with a blast. So that’s actually been cutting into my schedule a little more.

Yesterday, when I was posting a comment about cross-stitch on Laura’s blog, I mentioned that I’m working on a project of my own. I really excited about it. But, I realized that I haven’t gotten anything done on it since the books I’m drawing from arrived. Normally, I dive right in.

So I started to wonder. What’s wrong with me? Why have I been avoiding this? And then it hit me. I’m tired. Really tired. But not the kind of tired you get from not sleeping enough. I guess it makes more sense to say that I feel like my creative energy is used up. I’ve been plugging away, getting everything that I need to get done completed. In the process of taking care of my job, my family and my body, I sort of forgot to take care of me.

Last night I decided to take a break. I told Andy I wasn’t cooking, and ran to Mickey D’s to pick up my favorite guilty pleasure meal…a number two with a Diet Coke. Then, once I got Michael to bed I laid down on the sofa and snoozed for an hour. I didn’t get anything productive done, I didn’t do anything to help me stay fit, I just snoozed.

When I woke up, I finally had the energy to get out the graph paper and a pencil to start working on my cross-stitch design. I spent an hour working on it, then and folded it up and went to bed. Surprisingly, even though I had a late nap, I had no trouble falling asleep. I think maybe my mind got a little bit of what it needed. Now, if only I could do that a little more often…Hey, a girl can dream.

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LauraC said...

Good for you! I was feeling that mental exhaustion right before Christmas break where I realized I can't do it all. I'm too tired of doing it all! I'm feeling better now but man, you definitely need some time to yourself.