Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow/Sick Day

We had another snow/ice/rain storm yesterday. We have had so many this year that I’ve actually lost count of them, and they are getting kind of old at this point. I’m tired of watching the weather to see if the ice portion of the storm is going to be a problem with my daily commute. I end up in long debates with myself about not wanting to burn vacation while also not wanting to plow my car into something solid. Yesterday’s storm was the worst one we have had, but when I glanced out the door at 5:00 am and saw three inches of snow with a coating of ice on it at least there was no debate. I called out and went back to bed.

Andy decided to brave the weather, so it was just Michael and I all day. Michael has had a touch of a stomach bug since last Friday night. It started with some throwing up, but he never ran a fever, and never really complained. The only way I knew anything was still wrong was he lack of appetite and some very unpleasant diaper changes. He passed it on to me, so neither of us was feeling 100% yesterday.

We had a nice, laid back kind of day. We played trains and dinosaurs for a while, even though T-Rexes have trouble moving the trains with their short little arms. Next we played birthday. Michel would wrap up a dinosaur with Shirt and hand it to me to unwrap. I feigned surprise each time, even after I unwrapped the same T-Rex 30 times. After a while, Michael demanded his dinosaur DVD, and I obliged because I didn’t really want to unwrap T-Rex another 100 times. I popped in the DVD and stretched out on the sofa.

After a few minutes, Michael climbed up on me and made him self comfortable. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth. Then I noticed him relaxing more and more until he was finally asleep against my chest. I scooted down as much as I could and ended up snuggled up tummy to tummy with Michael; his hair tickling my nose and his breath on my neck. We napped like that for an hour or so, and when we woke up, we both felt a good bit better.

I hate using vacation time for snow days. I hate snow days when we can’t even play in the snow. Yesterday should have been the biggest waste of a day off ever. But, to have my little baby curl up and sleep on me like he did when he was just an itty bitty made it one of the best snow days ever. Who needs snow forts when you can have snuggles instead?


LauraC said...

Sleeping with toddlers = best thing ever.

Deanna said...

K'man did the same thing yesterday! He would not take a nap by himself and I was desperate for sleep, so I put him in bed with me. He snuggled right down and drooled on my pillow...and I loved it!

Lindsay said...

What a sweet feeling!

Oh, and I can't believe you have to take vacation on ice days! We have a "Lost Time" code to hit. I can obviously work remotely, but having daycare closed made me hit Lost Time over the past two days.

Steph said...

That's awesome! I kept Cooper home with me yesterday rather than try to brave the skating rinks that were (and are) our roads here. Usually that kind of day is hectic since I telecommute (no calling in sick, snow, etc w/that) but we had a fab day together too.

Mel said...

Aren't they so sweet and soft and warm when they are sleeping? I love toddler naps too!