Friday, February 13, 2009

Fun in the...Wind?

I forgot to send Michael’s shoes with him when I dropped him off at my mom’s yesterday. When she brought him home, he was dressed minus shoes. Oops. It was relatively warm (49 degrees really can feel warm if it’s been cold enough) and windy so Michael decided that he must run around outside. I tried to explain that he didn’t have shoes on, but he didn’t care. We compromised and I let him run to the mail box as long as he stayed on the sidewalk. He was so cute running along in his stocking feet.

Last night was leftovers night, so we wrapped dinner up early. Once we were done, it was still light out. Instead of asking to get out of his booster seat, Michael asked for his shoes. Shoes? Then I realized he was actually asking to go outside. It was chilly and windy, but I decided it would be fun.

We bundled Michael up and Andy grabbed the Nerf ball and the three of us headed out to play football. I just love watching him run and play and laugh. Andy would grab the ball, throw it across the field, and then Michael and I would race for it. I tried to find that right balance of letting him get it most of the time, but pushing him to run faster by grabbing it myself a few times too. When Michael would get it he would either start kicking it back to Andy, or I would chase and tackle him…which involves lots of tickling and very little tackling. When I would get it, Michael would chase me and tackle me…which pretty much involves his face bouncing off my butt.

I’m so glad Michael asked to go out. It was worth having my ears sting with cold for a little while. Michael let us know when he was done by deciding that the ball was a dinosaur egg, and not a ball. He ran away from us, placed the ball on the ground, and then sat on it like a protective mother. Andy and I could not help but burst out laughing at the sight. It took a little coaxing, but we convinced him that his egg would be ok and we headed in for the evening; all three of us laughing on the way.


Mel said...

I remember how stir crazy we would get in Colorado for Spring. It is good that you just got out and enjoyed it anyway!

Mama Mia said...

I am jealous everything is so WET here that we can't even go outside!

Mama Mia said...

Thank you I fixed it!