Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Need a Smile

I've been feeling sort of blah recently. I think it has to do with winter, that 10 day long stomach bug, and the change in our routine. I indulged the mood for a few days, sometimes it's good to just hibernate and eat chocolate. But, after a few days of it, I really start getting on my nerves.

To cheer myself up today, I decided to go back and look at old pictures of Michael when he was just an itty bitty baby.

Michael was so snuggly as a baby. He napped on me every chance he got. It really limited how much I could get done, but it was so worth it.


He was 7 weeks old the day I took this picture. He spent the entire morning trying to get his thumb to his mouth. He would poke his eye, stick it in his nose, but he struggled so hard to pop it in his mouth. And, I watched him the entire time like it was the most fascinating thing I had ever witnessed.


He never did it again either.

He often slept like this. I always thought he looked like a turtle on it's back. Just look at those sweet little feet. And the chubby thighs. And the smooshed cheaks...


Mommies are for love and comfort. Daddies are for fun. Maybe mommy should have told daddy to stop trying to fish for the baby, but then I wouldn't have this picture to look back on.


Dude, this is so not what I meant when I wanted to play with my toys. Would you stop taking pictures and get me out of here?


No, I can't. Ask Daddy, he's the one that put you in there. My hands are too full with this camera.

Well, if you guys are going to be that way about it...take a picture of this.

Sure thing sweetie.

There, I'm feeling a little bit better now. There's nothing like baby pictures to cheer you up. Only now I want to go home and kiss that sweet little boy.


Deanna said...

I love the pictures!! I love the smooshed cheeks,and the thumb in his mouth, and how snuggly he looked in his little baby jumper. It's also fun when you see their personality like in the last photo...givin' mom something to take a picture of! Baby pictures are fun!

London said...

So cute! Gosh it hard to believe that I ever had a tiny baby like that. I also have one picture where Batman is sucking his thumb and it was the one and only time when he was a baby. He just picked it back up again and now he won't stop, ugh!

Zoey's Mommy said...

What great pictures Joanna!! Like London said, it's so hard to believe our kids were that small!

Steph said...

So cute- and definitely brings a smile! How is it possible that they were ever that small or that they are so big now?

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures!! I don't think I ever saw some from when Michael was a small baby.