Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just like his mommy

People often comment to me about how fun toddlers are because now they have a personality. It always sort of bothers me when people say this. I’ve felt like Michael has a personality since the first time he looked me in the eye a few minutes after he was born. I saw something in him in that moment, and it remains there to this day. Nothing in his personality today surprises me based on what he was like as a baby.

Michael is a very persistent child. If he wants something, he will figure out a way to get it. If that means climbing, he’ll climb. If that means crying, he’ll cry. If it means constantly adapting to every little thing that I come up with to prevent him from getting whatever it is he wants, he’s up for the challenge. I have to admit, sometimes he outsmarts me. The good thing is that he gets this from me, so I’m up for the challenge too.

Michael is a rather contrary child. I know that two year olds are well known for being anything but agreeable, but Michael takes it to a whole new level. When he get’s into the mood for a battle, he’ll disagree with anything just for the sake of disagreeing. He routinely disagrees with me when I tell him he’s cute, sweet, or wonderful. He’s so contrary that he’ll tell me he’s asleep while he’s awake. Now that I think about it, he also get’s this from me.

When you combine his persistent and contrary nature, it makes for a pretty stubborn child. It can make for some stressful moments in our house. Then again, it probably doesn't help that he gets his stubbornness from me as well. It makes me wonder if I can be as difficult to live with as Michael can be at times.

Poor Andy...


LauraC said...

You mean, lucky Andy because he gets to live with a son just like the woman he married!

Mama Mia said...

I agree w/ Laura!