Friday, February 20, 2009

Look what I found in my inbox

A little bit of background first. My mom has two cats that Michael is around every day. One is a big, old, fuzzball named Charlie. He's a smart kitty and avoids Michael at all costs. The other kitty is Morgan. Morgan is a rescue kitty. She's very small, is blind and deaf on her left side, and she's a few cards short of a deck. Michael loves Morgan.

I'm at my desk this morning trying to get some work done when I get and email from my mom.

From: Grand Mom
To: Joanna
Subject: Morgan and toothpaste

Someone got hold of my toothpaste and covered Morgan's back with it!

My response

Oh, poor Morgan. Michael didn't eat much did he?
Did you get pictures?

Do you like my priorities here? Cat first because my mom loves her kitties. Michael second because that's my real concern. Blog third. She didn't get pictures. Sorry.

I called and checked up on them. Everyone's fine, and that cat smells minty fresh.


LauraC said...


No pictures???!!!

I have been thinking about your AFHV comment. I had a post I knew I wrote about the same thing and finally found it! The boys were 9 months old.

-Bridget said...

Haha! I probably would have asked for the pictures before I even asked about kitty. :-p

Mama Mia said...

Oh gosh that is funny....

Mel said...

Hilarious! I wish she had gotten pictures!

Karen said...

That's hysterical! I would have loved to have seen some pictures as well.