Monday, February 2, 2009

Someday I’ll Look Back on This and Laugh

Saturday didn’t go too well…

Part 1 – Poison Control

The day started out slow. Andy let me sleep in a bit, which was wonderful. We hung out and watched some TV and I drank some coffee. We had no plans for the day so we took our time getting ready.

I have very uncooperative hair, which requires me to blow dry it every day. Andy was going to watch Michael when I went up to get ready, but Michael decided to follow me. He settled down into our closet while I worked on my hair. I figured he was just, um, taking care of business in there, so I didn’t worry about it. It’s just the closet, what trouble could he get into?

I was part way through drying my hair when I glanced back and noticed some paper on the floor. I stepped in to check on it, and discovered that it was the wrapper from the silicon gel pellets that they place in shoe boxes to control moisture. You know, that ones that are marked with a big DO NOT EAT label. I didn’t see any pellets, just the paper. Great.

So, I got to make my first call to Poison Control. It turns out that they are marked that way because they are a choking hazard, not because they are toxic. Phew. That was a relief. And the woman who took my call was very nice and didn’t make me feel like she was submitting me for the worst mom of the year award.

I should mention that it turned out that Michael had done his business while in the closet, and I got to deal with that after he had been sitting on it for 15 minutes. Did I mention he still has a touch of the stomach bug? Yeah, that was fun.

Part 2 – The perfectly timed tantrum

Later in the afternoon I decided to try out a new recipe for dinner. I needed to run to the market for some ingredients when the battle started. Michael really wanted to go with me. I didn’t want to take him because he was tired and a little cranky. Then, like an idiot, I realized this was the perfect opportunity to put the Magic 123 to work. Off we went to the market.

Michael really wanted to go with me, until we got there. Then he decided that he really didn’t want to be there. I searched through the carts, but none of the seat belts was long enough (Many of them didn’t fit him when he was 18 months old and 15th percentile for weight. It drives me crazy.) What I wanted to do was demonstrate to Michael that when he said he wanted to go, that meant he was going. Instead, I had to fight him to stay in the cart and finally threatened that I would take him home and come back to do the shopping by myself if he wouldn’t settle down.

Two minutes later, we were on our way home. Michael screamed and cried the whole way, begging me to take him back to the market. Not a chance.

I parked my car, hopped out, and came around to get him out. Before I opened the door on my tantruming beast I heard Pssssss. The valve stem on my tire had just failed and my tire was starting to slowly deflate.

That’s when mom brain kicked in. In a split second I surveyed the situation and realized that the leak was slow enough that if I left RIGHT THEN, I could get to the tire shop before the tire deflated too much for me to drive on it. If I didn’t, I would have to dig out my jack, jack the car, remove the wheel, and then take it to the shop. Having changed a tire in 20 degree temperature before, I decided that I was going RIGHT THEN. I plucked Michael from the car, carried him kicking and screaming into the house, handed him to a very stunned Andy, and walked right back out.

The good news was that I made it to the shop in time, and the whole thing was resolved in about 20 minutes. The bad news was that when I called Andy to explain what happened, I could still hear Michael tantrumming in the background. Wow, does that kid have some stamina.

Fortunately, that was the last tantrum of the weekend. I took Michael to the market yesterday for our weekly shopping, and guess what? He was a perfect angel. Sticking to my guns wasn't much fun, but it does seem to have paid off.


LauraC said...

I've had to call Poison Control twice and Jon never has had to. He always rubs it in my face. The worst part was when they mocked me when Alex drank saline solution. Ummm... it's not just salt water people! It also has a lot of chemicals in it.

Sticking to your guns = hard. Kudos.

Mama Mia said...

Oh whata weekend. I had to call Poison control too, Braeden ate Borax...they said he would need to eat the entire box for it to harm him...

Karla said...

Wow, what a tough week-end. I am glad that your dinner turned out good at least!!!! I agree with Laura, sticking to your guns is so difficult. I just try to remind myself (and my husband) *why* we are doing it! :) Good for you Mama!

Kara said...

Wow, what a weekend! Glad the second trip to the market went smoothly. Also, extremely glad that the little silicon packet wasn't harmful. That's good to know those things have always scared the crap out of me!