Thursday, February 5, 2009

Turning 4 Million Years Old Isn’t That Bad

I’d like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. I ended up having a wonderful birthday.

I don’t normally take my birthday off, but I had scheduled Michael’s first dentist appointment for the day, so I actually got to sleep in until 6:30 on my birthday. When we got up, I discovered that the weather forecasters had hosed the forecast again. I expected to see an inch of snow on the ground when I peeked out the window. Instead, there was half a foot. Oops! But, unlike most of our other storms this winter, this was an all snow event. Everything was decorated with puffy white snow that was glowing brilliantly under a bright blue sky. It was gorgeous.

I took Michael to his weekly gym class and got to see first hand just how much he loves it. My mom and I sat out in the hall chatting, but I kept peeking in to see what he was doing. He had a smile on his face the whole time.

We went straight from the gym class to the dentist. I really wasn’t sure how the appointment was going to go, so I made sure he had snacks on the ride down. A hungry toddler is normally a cranky toddler, and I wanted to avoid any pitfall I could.

The appointment went wonderfully. He sat on my lap for his cleaning. He loved being allowed to spit his water out after rinsing. He even let the hygienist floss his teeth. The dentist said his teeth look good. They are well spaced in the front and line up properly in his bite. He did notice that his teeth are a little tight in the back, which was not a surprise. It’s too soon to tell if Michael will have the same problems I did, but I won’t be surprised if he ends up missing a few adult teeth.

Once we got home, we played in the snow and baked my birthday cake. I kept asking Michael how old I was, and I liked some of the answers I got. I was 2 at one point and 33 at another. I wasn’t too thrilled about his suggestion that I was 46, but the best answer was that I’m 4 million years old. Maybe he’s been watching a few too many dinosaur DVDs.

The most amazing part of the day came during dinner. As I’ve mentioned (whined) about before, Michael is not much of an eater. He likes a lot of breakfast foods, noodles, and other carbs, but he really doesn’t like meat. Last night however, he ate steak. We managed to get him to try the first bite through reverse psychology. “You don’t want that” is almost as powerful as M&Ms in the child motivation department. But, I have to give the Pioneer Woman credit for Michael asking for a second, third, fourth and fifth bite of the steak. That really was one incredible steak. Top it off with chocolate cake for desert, and it was definitely one of the best birthday dinners I’ve ever had.

To top the day off, I discovered that Cadbury has released the season’s first cream eggs. When I finally sat down to relax at the end of the day, I peeled myself an egg and savored every last bite. It wasn’t the wildest birthday I’ve ever had, but it sure was one of the nicest ones.


LauraC said...

Sounds like a FANTASTIC birthday to me!

And seriously, how insane is it that both Alex and Michael ate steak and it was PW steak?!? When I make the steaks, I don't use nearly as much butter. I've found the lemon pepper and lawry's make it taste good enough and then I use maybe 1/2 tbsp butter just to coat the pan.

Maria said...

Sound like a perfect day to me. Glad it went so well. I hope the coming yer brings more of the same.

Mel said...

Happy belated birthday! That sounds about as wild a birthday as I want to have! Cadbury Cream eggs - YUMMM!

Zoey's Mommy said...

Sounds like you had a great day!!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Julie said...

Did you say you slept IN until 6:30? Yikes! When do you normally get up? I am glad Michael did so well at the dentist. I took Lana for her first visit yesterday as well--it took 3 people to hold her down just to brush her teeth! Nothing like getting a dentist phobia early on!

Glad you had a wonderful birthday :)

-Bridget said...

Sounds like a great birthday. You've reminded me that I need to make an appointment for Reagan's first trip t the dentist. I was really dreading it but your experience seemed to have gone pretty well.