Monday, March 9, 2009

A Glorious Weekend

The first thing I noticed when I step outside on Saturday was that it was so warm I didn’t need a jacket. The second thing I noticed was that my crocuses were in bloom. After the long, cold winter we have had, I didn’t even care that it was mostly cloudy. We were free!

Saturday was the annual Boy Scout pancake breakfast. It’s a family tradition that my brother, sister and I always attend. My dad is one of the pancake chefs, and he makes sure to buy us tickets each year. (In return, we write checks to support the troop and tell them not to tell our dad. Hey, any organization that keeps my 70+ father climbing rocks and off the street is worthy in my book.)

I prepped Michael before hand with Curious George and the Pancake Breakfast so he was looking forward to it. It did not disappoint. He loved seeing Aunt Bubbles, Uncle Eric and Uncle Tom (my future brother in law). He loved watching Grand Pop make pancakes. He was so thrilled by the experience that he ate an entire pancake.

He was not excited enough to eat sausage, but that was to be expected.

In the afternoon, every parent in the neighbor decided to bring their children out to play in the warmth. Yes, there were still snow piles in places. Yes, the ground was wet and muddy. But not one of us cared. We have had enough of cabin fever so muddy shoes be damned. I have never seen a happier bunch of children in my life. They were muddy and wet, and grinning from ear to ear.

I had a particularly nice time too. I got to catch up with the other moms and hold one of the adorable little six month old babies. I had forgotten how nice it is to get laughter simply for saying “Ahdadadada”. He kept laughing and smiling and would lean forward to chew on the collar of my shirt. Could life be any better? Yep. The whole time I was doing that, Andy was in the house cleaning and one of the other dad’s was playing with Michael. Sweet!

Sunday wasn’t as nice, but it was still warm enough to get outside. Since Michael is back to not napping, I decided to take him into the park during that tedious time in the afternoon when he should be asleep. He has been such a handful recently that I was concerned about taking him to the creek to throw rocks. I expected him to run head first into the water. Instead, he sat down next to me and calmly threw rocks in the creek. Once he got bored, he picked up a stick and started digging for dinosaurs in the dirt. We sat for an hour and listen to birds and talked about dinosaurs. There were no battles over what to do, no whining about things that don’t matter, it was just the two of us enjoying each other’s company. It was a much needed reprieve from a long winter spent inside.

It’s supposed to get cold again, but this weekend reminded me that the end of winter is in sight. I’m hoping for some more glorious weekends in the months to come.

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Maria said...

I can empathize with the wanting winter to be gone. It was so nice here this weekend that I took the dogs to the beach and they actually went swimming. Soon enough we will be saying that it is too hot! (Although it is snowing here again today) Sounds like a wonderful weekend.