Monday, March 30, 2009

Life Lessons

One of the many things that I love about having my mom do Michael's daycare is how hands on she is. She enjoys teaching him new things and devotes time to special projects.

Last summer, Michael got to watch as sun flower seeds sprouted and grew on my mom's balcony. It was an accidental project, the sunflowers planted themselves in the pots as a result of messy birds, but my mom seized the opportunity to use them to teach Michael about seeds, plants, and how much mommies melt when their babies bring them flowers.

This year, she decided to try another type of plant. Pumpkins! I'm very excited by this project. How cool would it be for Michael to plant some seeds in the spring and be able to follow them all the way through carving Jack o' Lanterns?

While I was talking to her this morning, my Mom and Michael had their first pumpkin lesson. I could hear Michael talking about his pumpkin in the background. Then my mom started interjecting random comments into our conversation. Things like "well, I guess I need to get the vacuum out" and "be careful with that." I knew things were going downhill quickly when I heard, "oh well, since the floor is already a mess, I might as well..." Which was followed by an explanation of what roots are. Oops! Poor pumpkin.

It sounds like Michael got a good lesson on how plants grow and Gram got a good lesson on why almost three year olds should not be allowed to handle seedlings. At this point, I am not expecting to be carving any home grown pumpkins this Halloween.


Mel said...

AWW! Not too late to start over! Analese loves doing gardening projects with her Daddy. It is totally their thing. I have nothing to do with it (but enjoy the outcome)!

LauraC said...

You can now imagine what my garden looks like with two little boys to go at it. I had Jon put up netting to keep out the "rabbits": code word for twins.