Monday, March 23, 2009

Men are Wimps about Diaper Changes

It seems to be a well established "fact" that men are wimps about diaper changes. America's funniest Home Videos often shows montages of men gagging over diaper changes. At Andy's work baby shower, he was given goggles and a face mask to be used during the dreaded diaper changes. Even Andy perpetuated the idea a few years before Michael was born. While we were discussing if we should have a child, Andy made the comment that he wasn't sure he could handle diaper changes.*

Women do not seem to have this same problem with diaper changes. We can break half way through dinner, change a poopy diaper, clean everything up, wash our hands and get back to our meal before the veggies get cold. It's just part of being a mom.

Yesterday, Michael disappeared and took care of business while Andy and I were in the middle of a conversation. He was very agreeable about letting me change his diaper, so Andy and I continued to chat as I got everything ready and took off Michael's pants. I was mid-sentence when I opened up his diaper. GACK! My gag reflex kicked in and it was all I could do to hold it together while I finished things up.

So, after almost three years, I did exactly what I've been scoffing about with all those wimpy men. I gagged over a diaper change. I have to hang my head in shame at my failure.

I still intend to scoff at wimpy men who can't change a poopy diaper. I mean, it was only one diaper out of almost 3 years worth of them. I soldiered through and never tossed my cookies. I didn't have to call my wife in to finish it up either. I still think my diaper changing credibility is still intact. Right? RIGHT?!

As for the men who do solider through them, they pretty much rock.

*To which I responded something along the lines of "If we have a baby, you damn well better change diapers" which ended the baby conversation for several years. I'm subtle like that.


LauraC said...

I have to say, I've never met a twin dad who scoffed at ANY diaper changes.

I think you balking at a diaper change means one thing: POTTY TRAINING.

Beth said...

LOL! Ed still gags dramatically with EVERY diaper change. I must say, it's an effective technique. Unless he's with the kids alone, he hardly ever changes diapers!

Zoey's Mommy said...

LOL!! I do have to say that my husband is wonderful at changing diapers. I'm usually the one who gags and makes a fuss. You would think being the oldest of seven children, being a nanny for three years and babysitting from the age of 12 would prepare me but nope.

Do you think Michael is ready for potty training?

Oh, and this is WAAAAAAY TMI, but the moment I knew my husband wouldn't have a problem changing diapers came after my c/s. I was in so much pain I couldn't wipe my own butt and he had to do it for me!! Gross I know! He refuses to talk about it still almost 3 years later. Good thing I'm having another c/s in a few weeks huh?!