Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The milestones they don't put on lists

Andy bought me Photoshop Elements for my birthday and I've actually had some time to start playing with it in the past few days. I 've started by organizing all of the photos on my hard drive, which has resulted in me spending large amounts of time looking through the old photos going, "Aww, what a cute baby." Not very productive, but worth every minute.

It's bringing back memories of Michael reaching some of his first milestones.

His first smile

His first laugh


His first attempt at Transcendental Meditation


Oh, they were such sweet, wonderful days. But, they were also a time of worry too. I remember worrying about each milestone, hoping that Michael would reach each one on time. It seems like the first 18 months are filled with a race to reach so many important steps in deveolpment.

But, after about 18 months, you stop worrying so much. The milestones go from smiling and saying mama to "throwing overhand while standing on one leg and touching his nose with his free hand." Not so much a precious moment kind of thing.

While reading Bridget's Blog Equilibrium I was reminded of the milestone that no one talks about. The "I've figured out multiple ways to control you and plan on using eery one I can" milestone. Yeah, that's a fun one. Michael will go through tears, anger, smiles, you name it all in an attempt to get what he wants. And, much like Bridget, I've been duped by my two year old more times than I want to admit.

Tonight, we encountered another one of the unlisted milestones.

Michael decided that he didn't want to join us for dinner, so Andy and I sat down to a quiet meal together. In retrospect, I should have been concerned about just how quiet it was. I admit, sometimes I get lulled into a false sense of security simply because I want to believe there is such a thing as a quiet dinner. I know they exist somewhere, maybe tonight t just happens to be my house.

Part way through the meal I hear the TV go to static and Michael proudly announce that he put his movie on. Oh no. I switched into that pretend calm voice that parents use when we want to find out just how bad things have gotten without scaring the child into silence. "Did you? Well sweetie, why don't you show mommy what you did?"

I calmly walked into the living room to discover that while Andy and I were eating, Michael had found a dinosaur book that he had looked at once. He somehow remembered that there was a DVD attachted to the book and hunted it down. Once he found it, he opened the entertainment center, turned on the DVD player, removed the DVD that was in the tray, replaced it with the DVD from the book, and pressed play. HIs only problem was that he couldn't figure out how to switch the TV to Video. And most amazing, he did this all without making a sound.

So, I have a new milestone to check off the list. It's the "I can almost work the very expenisve media equipment without making a sound" milestone. I'm really hoping that it is quickly followed by the "I can work the expensive media equipment WITHOUT DAMAGING it" stage. Unfortunetaly, it's more likely to be followed by the "steal the remote control" stage that his daddy has mastered.


LauraC said...

Nate has figured out the DVD player BUT he is not smart enough to keep his mouth shut. He has to narrate the entire thing. His own voice is like a little bell on a cat, always letting us know what he is up to.

DesiDVM said...

J is so good at putting in DVD's it's scary. He can pick out a movie, turn on the TV/receiver/DVD player (all of which have their own remotes, mind you), switch the TV from "AV1" to "AV2", put the movie in, and press play. I've found him at 5am (!!) lounging on the couch with his hands behind his head watching movies LOL. But the big problem is that now every single DVD he likes to watch is scratched and damaged from his little hands, to the point where they're barely watchable.

Karla said...

Oh boy, I sense some major competition for the audio/visual equipment in your house!

Jolene said...

That mediation picture is cute. My 6yo daughter has mastered the 'steal the remote control and hide it so no one can change Disney channel' stage..lol