Tuesday, March 24, 2009

There is More to the Story

The poopy diaper that gagged me the other day wasn't a normal diaper. I suspected at the time that his tummy was bothering him, but he was pretty lively on Sunday. Yesterday, not so much. When I got to my mom's I found Michael asleep on the floor. He had started on the sofa, but must have fallen off at some point. He managed to drag the blanket down with him, and was sprawled out with his legs tangled up.

I laid down on the sofa facing him and talked to him until he woke up. He finally got up, grabbed Shirt from me, and then climbed up on my back and laid down. It was very sweet. My mom reported that he had been like that all day. Poor baby.

We headed home without incident, which was a nice treat for me. He wanted me to carry him the whole way to the car, and rested his head on my shoulder. He wasn't running a fever, in fact, he was a little cool feeling. Maybe that's why he was so cuddly.

He was so pathetic when we got home. He took off his coat, walked down the hall, and then just laid down on the two steps that lead up to our living room. I came over to sit next to him, but ended up laying on the floor with him. He curled up next to me and we snuggled for about half an hour. I feel bad that he wasn't feeling well, but I loved cuddling up with him. It was worth laying on the floor for.

* * * * * * *

As far as the potty training comments. We haven't been having much luck with that. We have managed to get him to put his doll Jake on the potty, but that's it. If we even mention sitting on the potty he gets upset. We made the mistake of trying to bribe him to sit on the potty, which resulted in tears. That's not really the direction we want this to go.

So, for now we just talk about the potty, model using the potty, and put the doll on the potty. When Michael needs to do his business, he goes and hides in the basement closet. When he's done, we change his diaper. I'm hoping that with continued exposure and a little more maturity, he will start to take interest in using the potty. If not, we'll just install a potty in the basement closet.


Maria said...

Just put his potty in the basement closet and don't say a word about it. Maybe he'll surprise you.

DesiDVM said...

I thought you were going a different direction with this based on the title LOL. A couple months ago I had a similar gagging/barfing incident for the first time EVER during a diaper change...J wasn't sick but that incident was clue #1 that I was pregnant again:P

Mel said...

Poor Michael. Hope he is feeling better.

MyWorld said...

Poor guy. Hope he feels better soon.

My daughter would hide in her closet to poop so I finally just put her potty seat in the closet. I was shocked, but it worked. After a few days, the potty seat got moved back to the bathroom. Now she just uses the regular potty.

Good luck!