Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today Andy and I are celebrating our fourth anniversary in the way many couples with jobs and a child not spending any time together. It's fine really, my mom is going to watch Michael on Saturday for us so we can go out on a date.

There are so many reasons that I love Andy that I could never do it justice in a single post. So, I won't try. Instead, I'll fill you in on the blond hooker story.

On Monday, the Voice of the Philadelphia Phillies, Harry Kalas, passed away. He was a much loved and well respected Hall of Fame broadcaster. He was always a class act and he knew how to call a game without distracting from the game, the way many broadcasters do. He's been the Phillies broadcaster since I was a child, and it will always be his voice I think of when I see pictures of last year's World Series win.

There has been a lot reported about Harry K in the past several days as all of the local reporters reflect on what a wonderful man he was.

At dinner on Tuesday night, Andy decided to share one of those stories with me. Unlike me, Andy rarely swears or uses "objectionable" language. So, unlike me, he doesn't spend a lot of time censoring what he says in front of Michael. He didn't think anything of it when he blurted out, "Did you hear the story about the blond hooker?"

Why is it that kids always pick up on the rare slip of the tongue? Michael had been ignoring us all through dinner, but took that moment to tune in and try to process what was going on.

"What's a blond hooker?" He asked. Andy's face fell while my eyeballs just about popped out of my head. Michael was looking at Andy, so he had to play it cool. I at least got to snicker a little about it.

I could see Andy's mind scrambling for the save. "Ah, ah, it's something that you hook something with...Um, you know, like a fish hook. Yeah, it's something you catch fish with."

Nice one, Honey. I was tempted to ask him what kind of fish you catch with a blond hooker, but I didn't see that going anywhere good. Instead, I distracted Michael and we moved on with dinner.

Later, when Andy told the story, it wasn't even really funny. Harry had messed up some recording before a game once. The guys were giving him trouble about it later on at the bar when a blond hooker walked up and asked them if there was anything she could do for them. The one guy responded, "Can you use a tape recorder?" Or something like that. Yeah, not funny.

But Andy's face when Michael said "Blond Hooker." Now that was priceless.

Happy Anniversary Honey. I love you for all the little things you do that make me smile.


London said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

LauraC said...

Happy anniversary!! Where are you guys going?

Mel said...

Happy Anniversary! The blonde hooker story is funny! You had me wondering when you mentioned on your blog yesterday. Analese was hanging on my arm in the hot tub the other night saying, "Mommy, I'm a SWINGER! Look! I'm a SWINGER!" Hee Hee!

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Julie said...

Hilarious! And Happy Anniversary!

Deanna said...

That was a great answer!!!

And my hubby and I are the same language is horrible, his is so nice. I'm still going to point the finger at him whenver little one bursts out with one of mommy's words at daycare!!

Karla said...

Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for sharing the blond hooker story!! LOL

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