Monday, April 13, 2009

I gave in...

...And watched Twilight.

I know, I know, I haven't posted in a week, and my return post is about Twilight. Sorry, but it really must be some kind of sickness.

I haven't been gone, nothing exciting has happened, the only reason I wasn't posting is because I just needed a break. It happens sometimes.

Anyway, back to Twilight. Not long after it came out, I casually mentioned to Andy that I was interested in seeing it. I told him I had heard that it wasn't very good, but I'd like to give it a chance. To be honest, what I really wanted to tell him was that I really wanted to see the stupid movie and could he please move it up to the top of the Netflix list. But, that would have been embarrassing.

Andy clearly understood my message. He informed me on Thursday that he thought Twilight was sitting in the mailbox, just in case I was interested. I played it cool and didn't get the mail until Friday. Sure enough, he was right.

I spent more time than I'd like to admit thinking about the movie on Saturday. After I got Michael to bed, Andy ask me what I wanted to do. "I don't know. I'd kind of like to watch Twilight, but I know it's bad and I hate to put you through that." Is what I said. What I wanted to say was that I really wanted to watch Twilight and I didn't care if he liked it or not. But, that would be embarrassing.

So we watched it. Andy and I did get a good giggle out of the "sparkly" thing. Well, maybe a belly laugh really. I mean, it was silly enough in the book, but the poor special effects made it down right pathetic.

Other than that, it was ok. Well, maybe I really liked it and got sucked in just like I would have when I was 15. But confessing to that might be embarrassing.

One thing that is fair to say is that the guys were hot. It's a good thing Edward is really 108 years old, because I would certainly never think that way about a 17 year old. Oh my. Of course, it's possible that I was showing my age by finding Charlie to be attractive, but admitting to that would definitely be embarrassing.

It would be almost as embarrassing as my response to Andy when he asked me if I wanted to hold onto the movie to watch the deleted scenes. "Um, no. I think I may just buy it."

But one thing is for sure...Nothing, and I mean nothing, could be as embarrassing as spending an entire movie looking like Shirley Temple with a stick shoved up her butt.

Good lord, man! Fire your stylist! And for heaven sakes, blink once in a while! Those gold contacts are going to stick to your eyes if you don't get some moisture going.


London said...

lol I'm glad you gave in and watched it! And I'm not embarassed at all to admit that I find Edward sort I confort myself with the fact that the actor who actually plays him is *ahem* my age.

Okay so he's a little bit younger than me, maybe he likes older women?

Lindsay said...

So your picture isn't showing up, but I assume it's Jasper. Am I right? =)

DesiDVM said...

ah, disappointing. The books weren't all that great to begin with IMO but I still insisted on watching the movie. The casting of Robert Pattinson for Edward? PERFECT. That kid is smokin' hot. The casting of what's-her-name for Bella? Terrible. I was also suprised by how low budget the whole thing was, with terrible special effects. Hopefully they'll get it together by the next movie.

Deanna said...

I want to know who the picture is of!!! (I just ended a sentence with a prepositional phrase! Egads!) Loved Edward...Bella was horrible...she looked irritated with him rather than madly in love.