Friday, April 17, 2009

A nice evening

Last night was the first night of Andy's golf league. He's been playing since before Michael was born, and it was something that I strongly encouraged him to continue once Michael was born. It's tough being a working parent, and Andy certainly does his fair share around the house, so taking one day a week to play golf with his buddies seems like a reasonable way for Andy to maintain some balance in his life.

It's also a great way for me to get out of cooking once a week, but that's just a plus for me.

Since it's been months since the golf league wrapped up last summer, I had forgotten how much I enjoy the evening I get alone with Michael. The weather was gorgeous so Michael played outside with M while M's mommy and I chatted. They rode bikes, played in the sawdust from a tree that was just removed, they found puddles to splash in, and blew bubbles. I love watching the kids play together.

One of the best tings about playing outside is that Michael is almost always in a pleasant mood when we finally come in. He was agreeable about everything last night. It was so pleasant. No fighting, no whining. Just smiles and cuddles. As my dad would say, "It don't get much better than this."

Michael went down for the night easily, and I took some quiet time to exercise and relax before Andy came home. Once Andy came home, we finally got to wish each other a happy anniversary and spend a little time together. Andy replayed the game for me while I enjoyed the fresh spring smell that he carried into the house with him. We chatted about our days and talked a little about how we want to celebrate our marriage.

We haven't decided what we are going to do, or where we are going to eat. I tossed out a few ideas, but Andy didn't respond to them, so I'll keep on thinking. This is just how we do things like this. It's like we have developed our own way of negotiating things in our marriage. We know just how to word things, and just how to respond. It would probably drive other people crazy, but it works for us. It's just one of the many little subtle things that makes our marriage unique. We'll, keep tossing ideas out until we finally decide what we both want to do.

The one thing we have decided on is our gifts. We are going to get each other iPhones. Sweet!


Karla said...

Isn't it fantastic when things go smoothly? I hope you find a fabulous way to celebrate your marriage. :)

Beth said...

Yay for great evenings like that. They make it all worth it, right? Happy Anniversary, and you will LOVE your iPhones!

Mama Mia said...

Glad you had good weather yesterday for M to play outside...

Mel said...

That is the best gift ever!! I promise you will both love them.

LauraC said...

Very jealous of the iphone!

And that is the thing that is hard to explain about Jon's traveling. I enjoy the time alone with the boys bc I so rarely get it.