Monday, April 20, 2009

This Weekend ROCKED

Friday night

It was gorgeous out so we took Michael for a walk in the park. He really wanted to throw stones in the creek, but it's fishing season, so we had to go father into the park than we wanted. Michael was a little tired, so Andy and I carried him most of the way (about 2 miles). When I was carrying him, Michael wrapped his arms around my neck and rested his cheek against mine. Every so often he'd remind me that he loved me. It was great.

Even better was when we got to the creek. Last year I needed to keep a hold on Michael anytime we threw stone in the creek so that I could keep him out of it. This year, Andy and I let him go, and he stayed back from the edge of the water. For once, Michael wasn't the only one to enjoy throwing rocks in the creek.


It was sunny and warm. We played outside with M for a while and then headed over to the zoo for a while. Michael was really well behaved, he mostly listened to us, and for once he actually paid attention to some of the animals!

Even better was that he took a nice long nap once we got home.

Saturday Evening

My mom watched Michael for us and Andy and I went on a date. We had dinner at PF Chang's and it was so good. I love when I don't have to cook.

Even better was that we bought ourselves iPhones. I was hooked before we even made it out of the store.


Once again, it was nice out. Michael and I went to the grocery store and then played outside with M again. In the afternoon I took Michael to the playground and he found several other little boys to play with. For once I was able to just stand back and watch. Sweet!

Even better was that Michael was in the best mood all weekend. Not tantrums, no obnoxious behavior. He was all cuddles and smooches.

I wouldn't mid doing all of that over again.


Karla said...

That is AWESOME!!! I love it when the weather is great, the kid behaves, and everything is perfect!

Glad you had such a great week-end!

LauraC said...

AWESOME. Sounds like youhad the kind of weekend we had.

Mel said...

What a great weekend for you! I'm glad you and your hubby got to have an anniversary date. And the iphones! It is hard to get your nose out of it I'm sure. And a well-behaved kid! All the stars were lined up for you!

Julie said...

Sounds perfect. I am a sucker for a snuggle :)